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  1. I'll take a look at the medical board. I'm aware they don't work any magic, but I have a pretty busy schedule and if I could pay someone to take care of the same steps for me, I definitely would lol. Thanks though, I'll keep that in mind. Any other advice you have?
  2. Hello everyone! I've been a lurker here for a long time and decided to sign up to see if anyone has advice. I currently have 5 total collections accounts, but only 3 open. OC: Sprint DOFD: 2014 CA: Enhanced Recovery Services Balance: $1,047 Type: Cell Phone Status: Credit Karma states that it's open, but I only have the collections listed and not a Sprint specific account. OC: St. Lukes Hospital DOFD: 2014 CA: FINANCIAL RECOVERIES LIMITED Balance: $1,047 Type: Medical Status: Credit Karma states that it's open. OC: St. Lukes Hospital DOFD: 2015 CA: FINANCIAL RECOVERIES LIMITED Balance: $1,047 Type: Medical Status: Credit Karma states that it's open. OC: Discover DOFD: 2015 CA: N/A Balance: $0 Type: Credit Card Status: Closed, Payment after charge off/collection (Settled - less than full balance) OC: PSECU DOFD: 2014 CA: N/A Balance: $959 Type: Auto Loan Status: Closed, Charged off as bad debt (Profit and loss write-off) I'm not going to go into a sob story, because I'm sure many of us here have a valid reason why we fell into debt. I ran into a string of bad luck and in the period of 3 months totaled my card, got injured at work and was fired without workers compensation reimbursements. I ended up homeless and living somewhere for free while I got back on my feet. During this period I was lied to by debt collectors and harassed constantly which actually put me into a worse hole. I just ignored the debt because it was causing me too much stress and pain. Now I have a pretty high paying job, I'm going back to school and getting medical work done that I couldn't do before. I can't get approved for anything other than a secured card however and my credit scores are around 650. I have an appointment tomorrow with a Credit Repair Agency who will suggest a good process to follow moving forward. However, it sounds like they'll charge me $100 per collection for the normal process you would follow through on your own (validation, confirmation, negotiation, payment). The Credit Repair Agency said that they frequently see debts sold to be kept on Credit Reports passed the 7 year limit and reporting them to the CRA or Attorney General doesn't help. I'm not sure how accurate this is. However, my goal is to be able to qualify for credit cards again and not have to worry about being denied for apartment rentals. Here are my interactions with both the OC and CA as of now. Note that I haven't received any collections notices in several years. St. Lukes: In 2015, both medical bills were attempted to be collected multiple times. I believe they're from the now defunct company that I got injured at after they didn't pay for them. I called the hospital anonymously today and discussed Pay For Delete options. They stated that they can take payment, but the debt is now with the CA if it's assigned there so all negotiation needs to be done through them. I called the CA today as well anonymously and they told me they wouldn't answer any questions until I told them my name. All representatives yelled at me and hung up if I said "No I will not give you my name, I just want to know your company policy.". I haven't gone any further and I'm not sure what to do here. Sprint: I spoke with several people in 2014 when it went delinquent to work out arrangements which made it worse. Part of the bill was supposed to be T-Mobile's responsibility but they denied my "Uncarrier" promotion for a reason I can't recall. About a year ago I did a Credit Karma dispute, which came back with the FCRA requirements being met. I've spoken to 4 representatives today. I called anonymously and they said I can pay them for the debt and they will recall it. They said if my debt is still payable online, they own it. I logged in to the portal online and saw my debt was payable. Called them back and the rep said that once the CA is assigned, they can't recall it but they can take full payment. They stated the debt was still owned by Sprint. I called back again to ask a different rep. He said similar things but ended up conference calling the CA. I told the CA rep this wasn't an acknowledgement of ownership but I was willing to settle for the full amount for a pay for delete. They stated they do not allow Pay For Deletes as company policy states. They verified my contact information, which I didn't provide any information they didn't already have. They had some random pieces of information that was wrong, which I didn't correct other than state "That is not, nor was it ever my email address". The 3rd rep called back and I told him I would not be making a payment. He had a supervisor call me back who talked to me and I said to him what I said elsewhere. He said that if I paid, they would mark it Paid In Full but that's all they could do. He told me the debt was sold to the CA already. I told him I wouldn't be making a payment if an agreement couldn't be made and we hung up. I'm not sure what to do here, but I thought maybe a Debt Validation letter should be the next step. Discover: I credit Discover with being the reason my financial status is so bad right now. They told me to set up a "promised payment date" that would not auto-draft to keep my account from going to collections. They was a lie. They apparently charge an account 3 times (or used to) before deciding you don't have funds, so Wells Fargo charged $35 bounce fees per transaction and Discover charged its fee ($75? iirc). This happened multiple times before I just gave up because I realized debt collectors literally will lie to you. But I digress, I paid them for a settlement awhile ago when my tax return came back and saw a bump in my Credit Score. This debt doesn't appear on every Credit Report. PSECU: When I totaled my car, I made payments until I lost my job. I only owed $1,000 on a $8,000 car loan. From what I understand, they no longer have access to the debt and don't even recognized it as valid. This debt doesn't appear on every Credit Report. As I mentioned before, my goal is to fix my credit. I have medical bills coming up and tuition that I'm paying, so I'm not even sure if it's worth paying if no one will do a Pay For Delete. My understanding is that collections shown as "Paid In Full" don't help your Credit Score or really help during new credit applications. I'm looking into moving shortly so I'd like to not have my credit impacted negatively. My main questions are, Do you have any suggestions on what to do next? Will paying the collections now benefit me, or should I just use the money elsewhere and wait for the collections to fall off in 2 years~. Do Credit Repair Agencies help at all or are they worth it? They aren't requesting any regular payments, they cost $100 per collection they help with and they setup a direct contact with the CA to pay them. If I do pay my collections, this won't change my DoFD and when the debt falls off, correct? I appreciate any help!

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