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  1. Update: TransUnion initial letter was delivered on 05/11, I received an alert today from MyFico that a collection was removed from my account, and a second alert that the balance of all collections on my account is now $0! Still waiting on Equifax, but will update from them as soon as I see some activity there as well!
  2. Initial dispute letters are in the mail today! Will report back on my progress.
  3. I assume the HIPAA regulations would prevent them from validating since its not my debt correct? Should I dispute on my account then my spouse’s, or the opposite? I have no problems paying, but we “live” on my credit score.
  4. I recently got an alert that a collection account was added to my credit report. After pulling all 3 reports I now see that there are 3 items (with the same account number), each with a different amount, from a CA that was from an unpaid bill for my spouse's doctor's visits. Should I still follow the HIPAA dispute process or is there a more simple way to request a validation since technically the validated information would not be mine?

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