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  1. I received confirmation that the DV to the CA arrived and promptly sent Eq the follow-up letter. On June 30th I got an email from Equifax that "Your most recent Equifax reinvestigation has been started." I had previously opted out so I did not click on any links in the email to check the status of the investigation. I haven't received anything from the CA or the CRA yet... just to verify I should hold tight at this point and wait for a response from either party or both before any additional steps? Thanks!
  2. Thank you for the follow-up! I just stuffed the priority mail envelope to the CA with the DV letter as you instructed. The CA is only a few miles from my house so I would expect it to arrive by Wednesday. As soon as I get that delivery notification I will print the online tracking, and send the follow-up letter to Eq. Thank you for your help on this mission!
  3. It took some time as Equifax initially said it needed further proof of identification so I had to send that info along with the initial hand-written dispute letter. I just received the response from Equifax for all 3 collection items that state: In the results section it states that the information i disputed has been "verified as accurate". Based on these results and that all 3 items have a balance can you please verify that my next step is to 1. Send the bank cashiers check for the total amount to the original health care provider along with the HIPAA letter (insert "a") 2. Once the check has been cashed, send the HIPPA Follow-up letter to the health care provider 3. Send dispute letter to CRA asking to verify business relationship between OC and CA If someone could please verify I would appreciate it (I don't want to miss any steps).
  4. Update: TransUnion initial letter was delivered on 05/11, I received an alert today from MyFico that a collection was removed from my account, and a second alert that the balance of all collections on my account is now $0! Still waiting on Equifax, but will update from them as soon as I see some activity there as well!
  5. Initial dispute letters are in the mail today! Will report back on my progress.
  6. I assume the HIPAA regulations would prevent them from validating since its not my debt correct? Should I dispute on my account then my spouse’s, or the opposite? I have no problems paying, but we “live” on my credit score.
  7. I recently got an alert that a collection account was added to my credit report. After pulling all 3 reports I now see that there are 3 items (with the same account number), each with a different amount, from a CA that was from an unpaid bill for my spouse's doctor's visits. Should I still follow the HIPAA dispute process or is there a more simple way to request a validation since technically the validated information would not be mine?

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