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  1. The issue is not the difference in scores itself. The reason why the scores are different is because I paid off my balances. Imagine going to the doctor in July, and the doctor takes your temperature and it's normal. In August you go to the doctor and tell him you have a fever and the doctor says "Well according to your medical chart in July, you didn't have a fever." Imagine going back to the same doctor a few weeks later and saying you still have the same fever and the doctor pulls out your medical chart and says "Well back in July, you didn't have a fever' Do that three times again with the same doctor pulling out your July medical record and basing his decision on it, instead of taking your current temperature.. oh look, you have a fever! Back in July I had like $10,584 credit card debt. Hence the low score. As of September 28th, I have $500 credit card debt. When you pay off credit card debt and you lower your utilization to under 1%, your score goes up 80+ points. But Capital One wouldn't know that because they would rather look at a 53 day old credit report instead of a new one. Guess ill wait a few more weeks.
  2. So I have had a Capital One Walmart Rewards card for 10 months now with a $300 limit. My credit score hasn't been that great, it was around a 616-620. I paid 98% of my credit cards off middle of August and my score gradually went up as credit companies reported my payments. On August 28th I decided to shoot for a credit limit increase and they shot me down saying my score was too low at 616 and I had too many high balances on my cards. The date says they used the Equifax report from July 27th. My score was around 650 or so at that time according to CreditKarma. I waited a week when my score shot up to like a 680 and tried again on September 6th. Denied once again for a 616 score and balances. Again they used a report dated July 27th. My score went up again all the way up to a 699 and I tried the other day and I got declined again. From a July 27th report. I called Capital One and asked why they were still using a report from July 27th and they basically had no idea because they weren't "credit experts" I was like uhhh.. okay? I am speaking with Equifax through their Facebook messaging app and they keep repeating "Businesses use different scoring system. Which is why respective scores may not be the same" I have tried to tell them like 3 times, Capital One is checking my credit report from July. I am not sure why when Capital One does a soft pull, why it's not using updated scores and still saying scores are from July.
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