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  1. Thanks. I've filled the dispute letter for all three bureaus with credit card accounts and student loans with zero balance. Can you take a quick look at the file linked below and let me know if I'm on the right track. Blacked out sensitive data. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nb3C1Gqc81YmWi4K2BFD3_h9CScKhI3y/view?usp=sharing I've included copies of each reports with the accounts circled.
  2. Thank you. There are 5 student loans that have a balance and some others that don’t. I can plan to dispute ones with no balance and leave the ones that have one as you suggested. I’m currently paying National Credit Services a modest amount that we recently agreed upon based on my expenses. If I do this for 9 months, my loans will be taken out of default. I’m two months into the arrangement. Not sure if I can negotiate having the accounts removed from my report after this period...perhaps worth asking them? Also, I’ve looked at forgiveness and may qualify but not with the loans defaulted as they currently are.
  3. The credit card accounts are all marked as 'paid'. Will plan to send the initial dispute letter. What about for the student accounts that have a balance and have been given to a collection agency? currently paying them every month but the account on my CR has been marked as closed. Should I dispute those as well with the initial dispute letter? What would happen to my payments / debt? I've provided a screenshot of one of the student loan accounts as it appears in my Equifax report. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mMoD3zZ7LGUI3axQOzA8Ow_BMsJRUJmC/view?usp=sharing Thanks Why Chat.
  4. Thank you all again for the help. I've just reviewed hard copies of each report as I figure out a plan of action. I have 5 credit card accounts on my CR. Balance has been paid off on all of them (as of a few months ago) and all are still within SOL. My plan is submit the initial dispute letter provided by Why Chat. No telling whether or not this will make a difference, but worth a shot. The rest of my accounts are related to student loans. I've noticed that all of them are more than six years old. SOL for my state is six years. I have two questions: 1) Can I write to each bureau and ask them to remove the accounts from my CR on grounds of the SOL passing? 2) Should I ask for accounts that still have a balance to be removed (older than six years)? I'm making payments to a collection agency for my student loans to get them out of default in the next few months. Will this have any impact on what I'm doing with the accounts right now?
  5. Also, all of these accounts are within the SOL. Just seeing now that I shouldn't dispute them. They're only a few years old
  6. Thanks again! Any idea how long it takes for disputes to be resolved? When might I expect accounts to be removed (if that happens) if I mail letters today? Do they notify me via mail?
  7. So I’ve done this. I have a bunch of DAs that I’m planning to dispute — starting tomorrow (all paid off). Once I do that, hoping that process will help to improve me score. Any insight for after? For instance, if they dont get removed? Or once they do?
  8. My scores are around 570 currently. Not even sure what I can do to raise them as I can’t apply for credit cards. Thinking that if I get the DAs removed then that will increase. Not sure what else I can do to improve at the moment. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  9. Is it worth disputing online? Or sending physical letters the best way to go?
  10. Is it worth disputing online? Or sending physical letters the best way to go?
  11. Thanks again for the help. So I've just ordered copies of my credit report from Experian, Equifax, TransUnion and Innovis. Two of them will be sent by mail and the others I was able to download online. I've taken a detailed look at my history and know why I've been dinged. My question now is how do I start taking action. I've already paid off the balance on the derogatory accounts so what options do I have for dealing with them? And outside of those accounts, are there any steps you (or anyone at all) might recommend?
  12. Thanks hegemony! I'll order the copies of my consumer credit reports. Mind me asking how this will help? From what I've gathered, the SOL on four out of thefive accounts with a chargoff hasn't passed. Most were paid off in the last six months. How would you suggest handling this? It looks like Cap 1 hasn't updated the status of an account that was paid off to a debt collector a couple of weeks ago -- but I'll plan to reach out to them in the next day or two. Thanks again and look forward to hearing your thoughts.
  13. Hi everyone! Just joined the community after hearing great things on an number of personal finance forums. I'm trying to rebuild my credit so that I can get a good mortgage hopefully by the end of 2020. Specifically, I'd like to increase my score from 568 to above 700 -- I know that's ambitious. Some positives. Several weeks ago, I paid off the remaining balance on my CC debt. I'm now in the middle of consolidating my student loan debt, which racks up to about $42K. I'll begin making monthly payments as soon as that process is complete. The not so good. The student loan debt mentioned above. I also have four collection / chargeoff accounts at Cap 1 (x2), Discover, Wells Fargo and Discover. I don't know where to start. I've recently tried applying online for a number of secured credit cards with Cap 1, Discover and Citi but have been denied due to my past issues. Are there any banks that will accept me? What are my other options? Any advice is welcome and I'm ready to do whatever it takes to reach or move closer towards my goal. For what it's worth, salary is between $100K and $120K and paying about $1.3K in rent every month.
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