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  1. Those worked for me thank you!
  2. Does anyone have a Google docs version?
  3. When I go to open the first link I get an error click to see error
  4. I am listing my spouse's income in addition to mine. I worked for 30 years then had a stroke. I was at work when it happened (what are the odds?)
  5. Maybe, but I tend to overthink things. I've noticed a cavalier way the cc and cra seem to engage in. It makes me ask 'Am I truly not retired'? Is a housewife considered unemployed simply because or is she self-employed? IDK but your opinions may help. Thanks.
  6. I started to fill in a cc application online and it asked my employment status with the choices of 1. Employed 2. Unemployed 3. Retired 4. Self Employed. I am on SSD so I have income for now. Is this considered unemployed and will that hurt my chances of being accepted?

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