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  1. I've been on a long credit journey from 2017 until now, bringing my scores from the high 400's to 690+, seems like the only thing that holds me back from a loan or it's being used as one of the reasons my FICO is what it is are delinquencies. I have successfully obtained a US Bank Cash+ Visa signature, Amex, 5/3, Lowe's but all with low SL Here is what they are: Wells Fargo: remarks are : paid after charge off, settled less than full balance on 09/28/2017 Regions: the final 2 payments were late in July and August of 2013 Capital One: The final payment was late in January 2015 Capital One: The last late was July 2013 and all on time payments until closed December 2013 Is it better to let them just age off? If not, do I contact the reporting credit bureau or the bank itself? Thanks for the help/advice/input

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