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  1. Sounds like you are looking to lose thousands on a car, lol. I would be looking to buy an older special car that is appreciating.. What do you think of this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1994-928-GTS/183771142949?hash=item2ac99d1b25:g:em8AAOSwoX9csBPS Would probably be cheaper than a 750 to maintain too, and you might make $10k on appreciation while you own it instead of loosing $20k If you can't pay cash then wrap it into your home equity or something. It still might beat the interest.
  2. That means no new accounts, no new HPs, perfect util etc.. I don't have a good excuse for not utting more on the secured cards.. Alliant didn't work out.
  3. Well, I was tired last night and apped fro the Alliant 2% card even though I probably shouldn't have.. Oops.. I'm still waiting on a decision but they only pulled TU which only has old inquiries from 2017 and the credit score disclosure from them says I have a 794 TU FICO 9 so maybe I have a decent chance of being approved and hopefully with a "generous" CL to help kickstart my CL growing.. I better knock it off but this will be my last chance to app with a good file for some time..
  4. Holy crap, so maybe the Alliant hack will still work with a loan secured against an auto (instead of a savings account) and even check that auto loan box? Like, ask Alliant to loan you $1,000 against a paid off car?
  5. It depends on what is already in your profile. Paying all of your credit cards to zero except one left reporting a balance of 8% or less will help to maximize your score. Your score will be best with an installment loan that is open and payed down to a small balance, I believe around 8% or less. If that loan is large and hurts your DTI, maybe you could setup another small installment loan now/soon to get that score benefit without the DTI hit.
  6. How many accounts would you like to add to a brand new file in it's first 2 years? Citi 1.5yo secured $200 - got grad letter Cap1 1.5yo secured $300 graduated and auto cli to $500 - probably bucketed? Just got an X-X days message requesting a cli Disco 1.5yo secured $300 graduated and auto cli to $1000 auto cli to $2400 Alliant SSl 1.5yo payed down Amex BCE 11months $500sl auto to $1k auto to $3k BoA Cash brand new $1400 SL not reporting yet 770 FICO, clean file, 3-4-7 inquiries I had a collection when I started with the secured cards but it aged off.. Am I doing good building a base or am I going to get stuck in toy limit hell? I am most interested in building a beast of a credit file for the future.. Where do I go from here? Chase more SUBs? Garden? Only work on CLIs?

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