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  1. I'm not opted in for promotional offers other than those that are displayed on my Credit Sesame, Credit Karma and Nerd Wallet accounts. I've never opted-out or put a freeze on my accounts.
  2. My Experian Fico score just dropped 23 points because my Self secured CD was paid off unbelievable.
  3. I'm not shying away from it, I'm just waiting on all the improving factors that I've made to be reflected on my CR. I'll be applying for it within a month or so. Thanks for the info on CU's!
  4. I'll look into Affinity. The only CU in my town that I'm eligible for is Nova, I'm going to give them a call on Monday and see what they offer.
  5. Yes, my Fico from Experian is now 614. I'm in NJ so I'll look into the FNBO option. I've been thinking about banking at a credit union. Does it matter if it's a "federal credit union" or is a local credit union more flexible? I'm also going to buy buying a multi-family as soon asa my credit improves and you can typically get better rates at a CU. I will look into the credit check total $1 trial deal. Has anyone tried Rental Kharma and how were your results. Unfortunately it only reports to transunion as of now rather than all three CRA's.
  6. Unfortunately I received the "We cant provide you with any pre-qualified offers at this time but based on your answers you may like this one" below.....I chose to wait to formally apply now that I've paid off all my balances a few weeks back, just maxed out my Discover's allowable credit line and the CD has now been fulfilled. I'll try to apply for it once everything is showing on my CR's in the next few weeks. I went with your advice and didn't get the "Self" card. I was thinking about doing the Self secured CD again but I feel like why am I paying for the privilege of handing you my money every month, it's basically a savings account with negative interest. That is why I'm trying to find out if there's anything else out there that I might not be aware of that's credible. As always your sage advice is truly appreciated. David, it looks like we can’t provide you with any pre-qualified offers at this time. But based on your answers, we think you might like this card. PlatinumApply Now Primary Benefit Get the credit you need with no annual fee Purchase APR 26.99% variable APR Transfer Information 26.99% variable APR; No Transfer Fee Annual Fee $0
  7. I'm aware and agree it's usually a 20-40 point differentiation in my experience.
  8. I currently have the following: 611 Experian FICO 620 Tansunion Vantage score 630 Equifax Vantage score Current positive tradelines: Open Sky - $0 balance - $1,000 Credit Limit Discover it - $35 balance - $2,500 Credit Limit - hopefully graduating to unsecured this month. "Self" Secured CD $0 balance - was $91/m - Just matured after 12 months and is now paid in full and the balance is being repaid back to me after a full year of agreed upon payments. I'm now down to just 2 secured cards reporting to the CRA's as my Self secured CD is now closed as it was a one year deal. I review credit frequently for applications to rent in my building and our algorithm is a little on the tight side however you must have less than 20% of your total reporting TL's be negative/past due etc or it's an automatic declination. I'm incredibly overwhelmed with all the information on here(thank you everyone!)but will start addressing the baddies shortly when I get a better grasp on my first steps as a CRO just put me in jam and on top of that blew my SOL for my big baddie with just months remaining on it! Back to the topic at hand. How can I increase the diversity of my TL's with more than just secured credit cards. What options are out there besides credit cards and the "Self" secured CD for people with borderline low/fair credit? Is my only option a third credit card? Thanks!
  9. I have a negative TL from CapOne, so I'm not sure they would give me access again. Has anyone else had a similar experience with Cap One? Essentially I'll have one secured card(DIscover it) that should go unsecured in the next few weeks hopefully so I'm loading it up for the biggest CL I can then waiting another month or so to apply for my next card. My fear is being stuck with a Discover card and an emergency happens and Discover isn't accepted. I also have my Opensky card for a back up. I'm going to wait to apply for a new card until after my card is graduated from Discover and will then go for either another secured card that graduates to unsecured or apply for a reputable unsecured card and small CL and just keeping raising the limit little by little. I might get another "Self" secured CD for 2 years instead of one this year because there's no credit check for it since it doesn't seem anyone has any info on diversifying TL's for bad/fair credit. Does sound like the best route? $1000 CL Open Sky $2000 Discover it(secured) Secured CD from Self - no credit check Before Xmas apply for a new unsecured card? Does anyone have the link to the thread that is about which banks/cards use which CRA's?
  10. Just wanted to bump this...what's the best way to diversify my TL's with my credit score range? I used Self's secured CD along with my CC's but that's ending shortly leaving me only 2 secured card TL's.
  11. Couldn't agree more. Is it a good idea to let the dust settle for a few months and then start challenging again or just consistently challenge? I'm a little hesitant after what just happened to me all at once.
  12. I know I know you're right, it's not rocket science and they can have a negative result as well. So right now I'll stick with my 2 cards and increasing my credit line monthly on my Discover until it goes unsecured. I appreciate your candor and help.
  13. I quit on the removals of the negative tradelines as I hired a new company to work on them which triggered numerous financially catastrophic events. I actually liked this company so much more than the last one. I'm going to let things die down and then go after them again as I used the companies back to back practically.
  14. I don't disagree, I'm just counting every point and the lack of the hard pull caught my attention like Open Sky did. Any thoughts on how to diversify my CL's?
  15. So from what I've seen the card fees are $25 annually and around 23% interest. The thing about the CD is it isn't really a CD even though they categorize it as one. It's more like a savings account that you pay for. So I chose the $89/m for one year option where I deposit $91 every month and at the end of the year I get $1,000. They don't pay you interest on the account you pay them a small service fee for the privilege of depositing your money with no credit check. It's a good business model for them for sure.
  16. My CS is in the mid/upper 500's on Experian and Trans and Equifax are both in the low 600's. So I got their secured CD(Self) a year ago which means my account is about to reach maturity and I get the money back($1000). I'm assuming with only having 2 secured cards, Discover IT and Open Sky and the secured CD as my positive TL's it just isn't enough as the CD is about to close after it's one year. I'll now only have 2 cards reporting positively. Self is now offering a secured card where you can simply take the money from your CD and make it your CL. The other advantage is no credit check. Should I do which of the following: Keep adding $200 a month to my CL on my Discover(2 months from hopefully going unsecured) it's only at a $800 limit currently and just keep two secured CC's? Get the Self secured card with my $1,000 secured CD payout(or a portion of and put the rest into the discover card) for a $1,000 CL and additional positive tradeline for a total of 3. I always read different opinions on the topic of ideal total lines of credit some say two cards are fine others say minimum of 3 and others say 3-6 total lines of credit. Are there any other secured CL types or other than what I have so I get for the variety of CL's and not just having secured cards?
  17. I'm trying to figure out which secured card to get Capital One, Discover, or Citi. My delima is I have negative marks on my CR from Capital One so should I even try for it and risk the hard inquiry?
  18. It's a secured card I used to have. I made a payment that was larger than my balance which froze my account for a week and made a domino affect which was very negative. So I stopped paying them until they made it right which they wouldn't. Should I call them and feel them out about a PFD and reopening my account since it's a secured account anyway? Has anyone had success with a secure card reopening your account once you become current after a few years?
  19. Thanks for the citi recommendation. It looks like there's no credit pull so I think I'll go for it after my Secured CD hits 6 months next month since I opened it, does that sound like the right strategy?
  20. Great link thank you! You're right on numerous fronts so thanks for everything. So I looked it up and NW uses Vantage 3.0 Trans for their score. It's well north of my Exp FICO 9 score of 549 which I just reluctantly "Boosted". Im going to dive deeper as to the discrepancy after I analyze the differences in the reports, however they have the same number negative accounts. Now back to my original question is NW right given the chart below? I know the real problems are the DM's which I'm hear to learn about how to deal with, I hired LL for over a year like a moron with minimal results. However am I in danger of lowering my score due to average age of my accounts by opening a secured discover card that will allow me to graduate to an unsecured card. Given I need improvement in my score in less than 6 months. One last thing, I've been trying to read the beginner forum threads prior to posting(the acronym post made my head hurt lol) however it's overwhelming and many seem to have dates of over 10 years ago. If you could provide one link to a relative noob so he doesn't have post every question which is the most valuable thread in your opinion for DM removal? Again thank you all for your support.
  21. Understood and much appreciated.

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