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  1. I'm trying to figure out which secured card to get Capital One, Discover, or Citi. My delima is I have negative marks on my CR from Capital One so should I even try for it and risk the hard inquiry?
  2. It's a secured card I used to have. I made a payment that was larger than my balance which froze my account for a week and made a domino affect which was very negative. So I stopped paying them until they made it right which they wouldn't. Should I call them and feel them out about a PFD and reopening my account since it's a secured account anyway? Has anyone had success with a secure card reopening your account once you become current after a few years?
  3. Thanks for the citi recommendation. It looks like there's no credit pull so I think I'll go for it after my Secured CD hits 6 months next month since I opened it, does that sound like the right strategy?
  4. Great link thank you! You're right on numerous fronts so thanks for everything. So I looked it up and NW uses Vantage 3.0 Trans for their score. It's well north of my Exp FICO 9 score of 549 which I just reluctantly "Boosted". Im going to dive deeper as to the discrepancy after I analyze the differences in the reports, however they have the same number negative accounts. Now back to my original question is NW right given the chart below? I know the real problems are the DM's which I'm hear to learn about how to deal with, I hired LL for over a year like a moron with minimal results. However am I in danger of lowering my score due to average age of my accounts by opening a secured discover card that will allow me to graduate to an unsecured card. Given I need improvement in my score in less than 6 months. One last thing, I've been trying to read the beginner forum threads prior to posting(the acronym post made my head hurt lol) however it's overwhelming and many seem to have dates of over 10 years ago. If you could provide one link to a relative noob so he doesn't have post every question which is the most valuable thread in your opinion for DM removal? Again thank you all for your support.
  5. Understood and much appreciated.
  6. I currently have a secured Card with a line of $1000 and Secured CD for $1,000. According to Nerd Wallet my score is 629(way over other CRA's)and I need to have more open lines of credit as they call my two open lines "poor". My question is.... is this BS and if not do I just pay out of my pocket to increase my secured card's limit(the same amount I would qualify for an unsecured card) OR do I go for an unsecured card that has a $500 limit that may be increased over time? My concern is that if I get a new unsecured card it's going to in turn lower my score with the credit pull and reduced age of collective accounts. I will need my credit to be at it's highest in 4-6 months so I may move. Thank you to everyone!

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