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  1. Just wanna clarify, I'm sending the follow up dispute from this page: https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html#DISPUTE And adding this paragraph to it: "I reserve the right to take further action including filing appropriate complaints with the OCR on HIPAA violations and the (name of your State)'s Attorney General under the penalty rules of the Omnibus Final Rule(09/23/2013) interpreting and implementing provisions of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009 (HITECH Act), ( your State) 's consumer protection agencies, the BBB and to take civil action to recover damages. Please note that your Credit Reporting Agency is now subject to Federal consumer financial laws, including, among others, the FCRA and Title X of the Dodd-Frank Act, and related regulations including a ban on “Abusive” Acts or Practices. ( Section 1031 of the Dodd-Frank Act )"
  2. Whoops, I see now that it's the follow up dispute.
  3. Hey WhyChat, How does this sound for the CFPB complaint? On 4/30/19, I filed a proper dispute on an unknown medical account # 266xxxx with CBM Services Inc. On 5/30/19, I contacted CBM Services Inc with a dispute and request for validation on this unknown medical account as per instructions from Equifax. On 6/5/19, it re-disputed with Equifax and included a copy of my dispute/validation letter to CBM Services Inc along with proof of receipt of the dispute. Equifax refusal to properly investigate is a violation of the FCRA and FACTA. Also, when I send the copy of the CFPB complaint to EQ with a dispute, do I use the initial dispute? With the HIPAA verbiage added of course.
  4. I cant access the backdoor for EQ for some reason. None of the verification questions ever apply to me so I end up selecting 'none of the above' for all 4 questions and then it wont let me go any further. The snail mail response i got from EQ does say "consumer disputes this account information. Collection account"
  5. Sorry for the delay responding here... I did end up sending Convergent a DV for each of the accounts. Took a couple weeks, but they responded to both saying they are valid and included 2 comcast bills dated 5 months apart, which doesnt make any sense to me. I dont see how someone would have two accounts with outstanding balances in that short of a time frame. Also the comcast bills they sent both have larger balances than what is reporting on her reports. I also contacted Comcast, got my call escalated a couple of times and ended up having 2 tickets opened for comcast to research the accounts. They never got back to me, so I followed up and was told via chat that the tickets are closed and the balances are both owed. No actual explanation for any of the questions I asked them. Could I file a CFPB complaint for this? They're legitimately not her accounts and I've essentially been told "you need to pay these" by both companies. TIA
  6. WhyChat, I remembered from earlier in the process after the initial disputes were sent, you told me to go ahead and check the Experian results online, so I checked the results just now and they deleted my last medical account. So at this point it looks like EQ has verified the last account. Where should I go from here? Thanks!
  7. In the last 2 hours, I got two emails from EX. One saying my dispute has been opened, and the second one saying my dispute is completed. I didnt click to view results.
  8. Yes I sent the follow up dispute to EQ and EX, and sent a medical DV for both bureaus in the same envelope to the CA.
  9. Sorry, I should have clarified, the account is also showing on EX, who I havent heard from after sending the follow up disputes. In the letter from EQ, it does show they updated the 'additional information' section of the tradeline to read "consumer disputes this account information. Collection account."
  10. Update: - Sent medical DVs to the CA 5/30, should have been delivered 6/1 although I never got confirmation. - Sent follow up disputes to the CRAs 6/5, both were delivered 6/7. So far I havent received anything from the CA. Today I received a letter from EQ dated 6/13 saying that "the information you disputed has been verified as accurate". Not sure what my next step is, or if maybe I need to wait longer? Thanks!
  11. Ok, it is indeed a PO box and I sent it priority mail with proof of delivery only. So do I print the page and include it with the follow up disputes, even though it still shows 'in transit' rather than 'delivered'?
  12. Hey WhyChat, I sent my medical DVs to the CA on 5/30, scheduled to be delivered 6/1. When I go to the tracking page, I see it arrived at the post office in the city the CA is located on the morning of 6/1, however the tracking hasnt been updated since. It still just says 'In Transit'. Think I should go to the post office and see if they can track it down?
  13. No, this is a CA reporting a paid utility bill. I paid the OC about 6 months ago and I was sending goodwill letters to the CA before I started the HIPAA process.
  14. Ok sounds good. Am I OK to send a goodwill letter for a non-medical collection, or should I wait until the HIPAA process is complete?
  15. One last question.. there is a report number showing on the back door page. Should I use that, or the "old" report number as discussed before?

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