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  1. So my ob office just called me back because I had a health question. The nurse told me I was due for an ultrasound but that they can’t schedule it because I’m in collections for $234. First, I had no idea we were past due but I’m not happy my nurse and probably my ob have access to my financial info. I feel like this could impact my care. I get being deactivated and not being able to schedule because of being past due. But the billing office should be the only one who has that info. If I called in, the receptionist should be the one to say they can’t schedule me until I talk to billing. It feels like a violation of privacy for the nurse to know bc it could impact how they see me and thus, how they care for me. Are drs and nurses allowed to know the billing info?
  2. I'm back to clean a few things up and while I'm not super excited there are things to clean, I'm happy to see so many people are still here helping others What is still relevant? I need to have some medical and credit removed. Is the Opt Out phone # the same? And is that still the first step? Still remove old addresses and incorrect info first? WhyChat's famous method (with hippa letters) still working? Still hand write the first letter and type the rest? I've been all over the newbie section and reading and reading but so many old threads are closed so I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing for 2019.

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