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  1. The short answer to the topic question is YES, Granny could get an unsecured credit card. CapitalOne approved her. They deferred the decision, and phoned for more information -- basic identifying information and to be sure she was the one who applied for the card. I was able to handle it. (The CSR also said they had sent her a letter asking for some docs but she could ignore it because the phone call sufficed. He was quite nice and competent-sounding.) Then the card arrived. Discover, on the other hand, was bizarre. She applied for a new card and they immediately declined and suggested that she apply for a secured card. Bleh! After another week my uncle called Discover about the existing card (Granddad's) because I had told him they were going to shut it down. The CSR told him that if he wanted his dead dad's name taken off the account they would close it. But if he didn't, they would keep it open and it could still be used. So he chose the second option. It doesn't make any sense but that's what happened!
  2. So my Plan A: Apply for her own non-secured credit card at three banks including Discover (unless she's instant-approved, then no more apps, she only needs one piece of plastic). Plan B: If all three are No-Go, make her an AU on one of my cards so she can work for me earning miles. Plan C: She can just use her debit card.
  3. Thanks, I'll look into a joint account with PNC if she isn't approved for a single account elsewhere.
  4. Good point about the initial spend for sign-up bonus .... although if the funeral home accepts credit card and the timing is right .... And thanks very much for the info about the Discover shutdown. Also we'd be delighted to get a $5K credit line, and even less would be OK. Grandma has never been on a cruise other than the local two-hour river cruise. Only flown once.
  5. Thanks for getting back to me, however Discover seems like a good idea since she already has a direct record with them as an AU. We're not interested in a secured card as I mentioned in the original post.
  6. Grandma has always handled all the family finances, despite the fact that the credit card is in her husband's name. She continues to do so with increasing amounts of help, mainly from my uncle who lives nearby and visits almost daily. Also she does not answer the phone unless she recognizes the number, so that she's not subjected to phone solicitations/scams.
  7. Good idea, although I don't know which bank asks for that.
  8. Hi, I'm trying help my Gran get a credit card. Here's the situation: The only card she has is an Authorized User on a Discover card. The card is in Grandpa's name and he's critically ill. If he passes away she'll no longer be able to use it (technically, although I don't see why she couldn't and why it would be a problem as long as she keeps paying the bill). She has no other credit history, as they paid off their mortgage many decades ago. She has a decent, steady income from social security. I'd like to get her a card that (1) has a nice sign-up bonus; (2) earns nice rewards; (3) is not a secured card; and (4) has no annual fee (even if it's waived the first year she won't want to pay it in future years nor cancel card and get a different one like us young'uns do). Any idea as to what bank/card might approve her? I know NFCU is easy but she's not a member and it would be too complicated to go through their process. If she can't get one, she can always use her debit card, or I can make her an AU on one of my cards (and then she'd be working for me earning rewards!) Thanks!

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