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  1. About 3 years ago i got behind on payments, bank started foreclosure process but I was able to get the house caught up. They filed a summons and i submitted an answer to the court and delayed any court date. There was never any judgement made on their behalf. The summons was the farthest it went. I ended up selling the house (not a short sale) and managed to break even. Looking at my credit report now, equifax shows foreclosure under Worse delinquency. The payment status shows Paid account, foreclosure was started. My concern is should it show "foreclosure" under Worst delinquency since the process was only started (preforeclosure?) but no judgement was ever made? I'm worried this foreclose showing on my credit report will affect my change at getting new mortgage since this is showing as happening 2.5 years ago, and as I understand it, it takes about 3 years to get any loan with a foreclose on your report.

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