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  1. Yes, I've opted out and deleted old addresses. Yes, the "account" is only on one CRA report currently. It was on more, but they only reinserted on one (so far) and it has been 6 months since removal. Modified in the way suggested in the topic linked below, as well as a demand for deletion since they already "investigated," deleted and then the "account" was reinserted with no further contact. Although... The CA is playing games with "account numbers." Initially the "account" was double reported with two different "account numbers." After the CRA deleted both, the CA reinserted (once) with yet another "account number."
  2. Marv, yes I have a copy. WhyChat, 1) 2014 2) Disputed using a slightly modified version of your dispute letter. 3) I received the "investigation" results letter indicating that the account was deleted.
  3. 1, Disputed with CRA 2. CRA deleted 3. CA reinserted 4. Disputed with CRA again noting and enclosing previous dispute and result 5. CA sent copy of ER bill Next step?

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