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  1. as you never know when it will be the last time you see them. I lost my teenage nephew to a horrific car crash, he was killed along with his best friend, when their car slammed into a wall , and became a fireball on impact, he had just turned 19...this is so sad, just before the holidays
  2. I must be the only person on earth that just uses their phone as a phone.. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2014/08/11/polish-couple-fall-off-cliff-and-die-while-taking-selfies/
  3. Keeping both in my prayers and thoughts
  4. May he RIP...he will be missed I wonder if his heart surgery played into his depression? My DH suffered severe depression after his cardiac surgery, and also ended up taking his own life...none of us saw that coming. Depression/suicide is an illness, not a sign of weakness..
  5. how? I'm sure these guys are using anon servers, and other ways...I'm assuming parents do a lot of research into things like buying a baby car seat, why not spend the time/research to do the RTM on how to secure your IP camera?
  6. Alien Abduction...just saying
  7. Save me a seat... http://clevelandheights.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/rockaspy-baby-hacked-monitor-terrifies-parents
  8. Before the internet, the only way you found out about one of these was when you actually lived there... the dude actually looked like Danny Devito, and was no taller than my shoulder...Luckily, I did not have to stay there that long...
  9. Camera's in the mirror? Until you got to the part about loyal and dependable, I thought you were talking about my ex...
  10. after that hard Winter....but I ain't ready for all this sneezing already..
  11. Was a 2 day old car?....he just bought it?....I'm pretty sure before that he drove Audi's....
  12. for parking your car up against and blocking a Fire Hydrant... At the most dangerous point during what became an eight-alarm fire in East Boston Wednesday night, Boston firefighters scrambling to get water to their colleagues ran into a barrier: Someone had parked a BMW coupe in front of the hydrant near the blaze. So they punched out the windows, ran a 4-inch hose from the hydrant through the driver’s side window, through the passenger’s side window, and out to an engine waiting to pump water to firefighters directly engaged in quelling a powerful fire threatening the neighborhood. “The general reaction is that some people find humor in it,’’ said Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald. “But it’s really a serious situation. That water supply is the lifeblood of the engine company. The engine carries 750 gallons – and that could be gone in just two minutes. With that number of alarms, every hydrant is important.’’ “There is really nothing funny about it,” he added. Still...I'd like to been around when the owner came out and found out what happened to his car..
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