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  1. EX rep “Well sir, have you tried picking up the phone and calling the creditors versus mailing them a certified letter?” 😂 Thanks, I’ll try again.
  2. Yes, these same 2 CA’s are also on my EQ and EX report (both previously disputed using your process.). TU was the only CRA to remove them but now they’re back. Ok, will do! Both EQ and EX have 3 previously disputed accounts plus 1 recently added account. If I’m understanding correctly, I’ll send them both the initial dispute for all 4 accounts? Thanks a million!
  3. Ok Why Chat, I’ve been working on getting everything deleted per your advice. I’ve been 100% successful with EQ and TU. EX deleted all extra information except a few addresses attached to trade-lines. I even followed the advice outlined in ‘The Master how to delete old addresses from Experian’ thread. They refuse to budge. Am I able to proceed with your technique now and if so, where do I begin? I still have 4 CA’s with EQ and EX. Also, 2 previous CA’s just reappeared in my TU report. These were previously removed after your initial dispute letter was sent although they never sent me a response as to why they were removed. To add the the craziness, the reappearance of these 2 CA’s resulted in almost a 100 point gain according to VantageScore..
  4. Update: TU and EQ deleted all incorrect addresses/information. Experian refuses to delete any address connected to a tradeline despite following this technique verbatim. Very frustrating indeed.. I did record the conversation. Any help or advice is appreciated!
  5. I’m currently in the process of using this technique to delete old addresses from Experian. So far, I’ve seen some success by calling TU and EX (deletions of all extra names, addresses, phone numbers). For Experian, I’m currently waiting the 21 days necessary for step 2, as outlined in the thread. My only concern at this point is that I have 2 names remaining on my EX report. While both are correct, they both have different ‘Name ID’. One name includes my middle initial while the other doesn’t. Am I correct in thinking that this needs to be deleted? Upon my initial call, the rep advised me this is normal and she cannot do anything. Does the extra name id indicate I have a split file? Any advice/help is appreciated! Thanks!
  6. No but I will once Open Enrollment comes. I believe all of these accounts were with a hospital (ER). I do not believe I was offered the opportunity to apply for assistance at the time of medical service. Ex: “real report”shows the 3 disputed accounts notated “Account in dispute reported by subscriber” and “Account information disputed by the consumer under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.” EX “real report” discrepancies: -1 incorrect spelling of my name under “Also Known As.” Previous report (annualcreditreport) showed 2 incorrectly spelled variations. -2 old addresses. Previous report (annualcreditreport) showed 9 old addresses and I’ve never requested any to be deleted. -1 unrecognized phone number. ”Personal Statement” on report indicates a security alert has been placed on my account for 1 year. EQ: “real report” shows 2 notations of “file blocked for promotional purposes” and 2 notations for “fraud alert.” -Each of the 3 previously disputed ca’s show “consumer disputes this account information.” -1 incorrect spelling of my name listed under “formerly known as.” Everything else seems to be normal
  7. I now have 3 real reports directly from the CRA’s. It doesn’t appear to be a duplicate based upon all the data provided. EQ listed the DoFD as 12/16 so I’m assuming it was around mid 16’.
  8. I followed the program all the way to sending the follow-up dispute to the CRAs. TU deleted all accounts (3 from ARS). 3 accounts disappeared from EQ (SCS) leaving me with 3 ARS accounts on my EQ report. EX has not deleted anything. 3 ARS accounts remain plus a new account from CFS (medical.) I should be but I just opted out again. Will do. Should I not file a complaint against EQ? They said they were unable to locate my credit file although 3 SCS accounts disappeared. I’ve been relying on Credit Karma and the updated reports the CRA’s send me. I’m not too familiar with the “back door” policy. I’ll go buy new reports unless I can figure out the back-door method. Yes, the newly reporting account on EQ and EX is a medical account from Commonwealth Financial Systems.
  9. I have received a new report from Experian (all collection accounts remaining.) I also received a letter from ARS stating they received my request to freeze my information in their files, yet they cannot complete this until I send them a copy of my updated state ID with my current address. Needless to say, I’ve only sent what you have instructed me to do so. TU deleted the 2 CA’s on my report (ARS)- No paperwork was sent acknowledging this. EQ deleted all SCS accounts on my report- No paperwork sent acknowledging this. It also appears that a new CA has appeared on EX and EQ reports. Commonwealth Financial Systems. I’m assuming I need to complete the original process before I address this account, correct? So regarding the 3 ARS accounts remaining on EQ and EX, how do I proceed from here? As Always, Thanks!
  10. I just received a response from EQ and EX in response to the follow up dispute. To summarize: EQ: unable to locate a credit file in their database with the identification number I provided. I provided a copy of my social security card along with my driver’s license. EQ wants me to mail this form back to them along with proper identification (already provided.) EX: Notified by one or more CRA’s that my credit report is inaccurate due to fraud. A temporary Initial Security Alert has been added to my file. Needless to say, I did not file any fraud alert. Are these simple tactics to delay an appropriate response or is this this the only response I’m receiving in regards to my follow up dispute with EQ and EX? Please note, TU already deleted all accounts I was concerned with so they did not receive a follow up dispute. Any advice on what my next course of action should be?
  11. I’m preparing the medical DV’s. I understand that each bureau being reported to by any specific CA needs an individual letter, although they can be mailed together in the same envelope. Is this limited to individual accounts? ARS is reporting 3 accounts to EQ, 3 accounts to EX, and 2 accounts to TU. Does each account need an individual letter? For example, can 1 letter address both accounts being reported to TU by ARS?
  12. This is the first response I have received back although I have disputed these same accounts with all 3 CRA’s. I’m still waiting to see the results from TU and EX. Yes, still waiting on results from the other 2 Thanks a million!
  13. I just received a response from from Experian in regards to my initial dispute. It seems they are not willing to investigate in my dispute unless I provide additional information as they are claiming “We have previously processed this dispute and the credit grantor has verified it’s accuracy.” While I have previously disputed these accounts, I certainly did not request, nor was provided, details such as the dates and types of services provided, name of the person providing the data, and the manner in which the data was provided. If I’m not mistaken, these details are essential in establishing a documented relationship between the reporting CA and the health care provider. What should my next move be with Experian?

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