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  1. I’ll take a look at it. Thanks sir Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Update: I ordered paper copies of my credit reports, so just waiting for those. Midland funding is suing me in civil court for my Citibank card. I was served 5 days ago from someone that works at the court. I only have a small amount of time to respond, and I’m freaking out a lot. I need some help tackling this issue ASAP, I can post the pictures of documents that I was served excluding sensitive information. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. AMEX: Don't see any previous payment history, just shows failure to pay on March 2019. Nothing from previous months showing on my credit report. Cap One : Oct 2017 Chase: Aug 2017 Discover : Dec 2017 CitiBank : I can't find this account on my credit report, only place I see it is under collection accounts, so I can't determine the first date of delinquency. "Midland Funding" opened a debt collection case in my county, and I just recently got the letter stating I'm being "sued". What are my options? BOFA: Account closed, with a $0 balance. Shows paid status, but shows a 30/60/90 from March-May 2018 then CLS status on Jun/July 2018. Whats weird is my account was closed on, April 7th without a $0 balance without any late payments from previous months, but it still counted late after account was closed.
  4. Whats the easiest way to find the exact date? I'm in Texas.
  5. As the title pretty much states it all, I need help/guidance fixing my credit. Let me give you a quick rundown of what I'm dealing with. I had amazing credit (730ish score), before I turned 22-23 from there everything went downhill, and has caused me to just go into a depression when looking at my credit score. I became unemployed for a short period of time, and all my accounts I was carrying a balance either go charged off or went to a collection agency. Now that I'm back on my feet I want to get this repaired without having to keeping running away from this issue. I have a steady income now, and can make payments if needed. I just overall want my score to go back where it was, and I have even go far as paying SkyBlue Credit Repair for 6-7 months without any results. I've got to a point in my life, that without credit in today's society you cant progress any further.... I have listed some of the accounts that went into collections/charged-off. Hope someone can leead me in the right direction on how to tackle this... THANKS IN ADVANCE! AMEX: Charge-Off/Collections (True Accord) $2512 Cap One : Charge-Off $1945 Chase: Charge-Off $865 Discover : Charge Off $628 CitiBank : Collections (Midland Funding) $3530 I have pulled these amounts, and info from my most recent Experian Report, like I previously stated I have no issue paying this balances off in payments in order to get these settled, and removed from my credit report.

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