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  1. Amazing. Thank you! I was just going to ask if you have a paypal, but Kitty Angels looks great. How do I get my clean reports though? When I did back door through Equifax the info was under a bunch of tabs and didn't seem printable/saveable. TU and Exp want me to sign up to backdoor/initiate a dispute.
  2. Just checked Equifax w/ back door and it doesn't show anything in collections, so I guess the DV to the CA got them to remove it. I tech still owe the doctor though (even though I don't agree with the total amount). Will they have another collections agency come after me?
  3. So only the Equifax report had the old CA address, so last week I sent the DV to the address on the other CRA reports. I was about to send the follow up letter to the CRA, but just checked on credit karma and it's no longer showing anything in collections and my scores have returned to 800. Yay! Should I wait to hear from CA, continue with follow up letter to CRA, or HIPAA letter?
  4. Sent the DV's out and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but tracking says: "Your item was returned to the sender at 9:53 am on June 22, 2019 because the forwarding order for this address is no longer valid." I used the CA address that was on my credit reports. Thoughts on what should I do? Should I resend to the address on the bill that CA sent me?
  5. So this took a lot longer than I planned for various reasons. Experian wouldn't give me my credit report online. Sent them a written request. Didn't hear back for a month so I tried again online with a few different address variations and finally was able to get the report. After that, I sent out the dispute letters. I just moved to a new state, so there was some mail forwarding delay. I finally received confirmations from all of the CRA that the debt is valid. The most recent date on from the CRA response was 5/28 and I have not received anything from the CA. I'm now going to send the Medical Dispute Validation Letter. Just want to make sure this all sounds good and I'm on the right track. Looking to buy a house soon, so trying to have this cleared up asap. Thanks!
  6. Got it. Thanks for your help! I'll report back with how things go.
  7. I'm looking for some insight on the purpose of deleting old addresses. The address on file for the claim is my parent's home. I was living in a nearby city during the time of medical service, but I keep my address as my parent's, since I move regularly. So yea, I was technically living at one address during the time of treatment, but the claim and all paperwork has gone to my parent's. I've since moved to a new address. After opting out and pulling my credit reports, I see that an address of my business partner is also on the reports, as well as another business related address. So my parent's address, my old address, my business partners address and another business related address are on my report (on equifax, they are all showing up after date of medical service). My drivers license still has my parent's address and I don't have any bills in my name at their address, so I just don't see how I can make everything match up, so I'm not sure what address to leave. Also, I don't understand the GOOD old accounts portion. All of my credit has been perfect prior to this issue, so all of the addresses should positively contribute to my credit score? If you need additional info on my case: I technically owe for labs and a doctor visit from 2017. I had issue with why I had certain expensive labs done at the doc's facility and felt the follow-up visit to review my labs was a waste bc a different doctor who knew nothing about me reviewed them and was also missing additional results from an outside lab company. I should have addressed it earlier with OC, but put it off and forgot about it. It's now in collections and there's a 50pt derogatory mark on all reports except fico. I'll likely be buying a home in the next year, so I'm trying to remove it and for that reason, I'm technically willing to pay the full $850, but really think I should owe ~$600. Thanks for your help!

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