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  1. Hello! I have roughly $900 in federal student loan debt that is defaulted. I am waiting on a call back from the CA my account is with to set up rehabilitation. Before I talk to them, I was hoping to get help with what my strategy should be. I can afford to split the total amount in equal payments so it is paid off by the end of rehab. Should I do that, or should I make a lesser payment per month, and when the loan is rehabbed, pay the remaining balance? I don’t know how any of this works so I wasn’t sure if splitting it up so there is a $0 balance after the last payment could screw anything up with getting it out of default status and back into good standing on my CR. Thanks for for any advice!
  2. Thank you! I have already opted out and deleted old addresses (and odd entries of my name being completely misspelled.) I pulled my EOMBs and verified that the amounts are all correct after insurance was billed. I sent the pre-HIPAA dispute letters to the CRAs yesterday and will wait for their responses. I went through my budget last night and I worked it out where I will have the cash available to pay everything if it gets to the point of having to pay the OC. I'll update once I get responses from the CRAs... until then, I'll be here staring at my mailbox.
  3. Hello! I am 2 years out from seeking financing for a house renovation and I am working on getting my credit report in good shape. I have 2 types of negative entries - medical and my student loans. I have my student loan debt (thankfully only $900) on a rehabilitation program, so I am good to go on that. I have 10 separate medical bill collection entries from 3 separate collection agencies, all originated in 2016 or newer: ~$200 CA #1 ~$140 CA #2 ~$175 CA #2 ~$60 CA #2 ~$290 CA #2 ~$300 CA #2 ~$102 CA #2 ~$230 CA #2 ~$60 CA #2 ~$80 CA #3 I believe they are all valid as they are associated with my prenatal and c-section dates. Of course I have to make sure they are valid. I didn't have the extra money to pay these bills which is why they were sent to collections. I don't have the cash to pay them all in full. I do have a zero interest credit card that I would like to put my debt on to pay off by the end of the year, I'm not sure if CA give an option to make payments with credit cards, though. I have zero credit card debt as of December 2018 and this is the last thing I plan on using credit for. I've learned my lessons! So my questions are this: Does anyone know if CAs give the option to pay with a credit card? I assume I would follow WhyChat's HIPAA Letter Program for these debts? I just want to verify that I'm understanding it correctly. Since many of these are with the same CA and all originating from the same OC, I send one letter for all of the debts with the same CA/OC, correct? Thank you!

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