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  1. The account was opened in May 2018 via a company called Upgrade, which I guess is part of WebBank. ...well they'd be right on that. I don't know what I'm doing. That's why I came here at the recommendation of a friend. Googling has left me with a mountain of conflicting information. So I was hoping to get some pointers from those who've been down this path or at least know more than I do. I don't expect this to just go away and never hear about it again, but I would like to minimize the damage if at all possible. I'm not familiar with MTC Arbitration, but I will do some research into this to see if it's an option. I really appreciate everyone's input.
  2. WebBank yes, that's what this account was. I don't mind going to court, I'll fight this till the bitter end. But I'd like to stall/delay the process as long as possible. I'm going to write back to them and say they've failed to provide anything with my signature on it, nor any kind of purchase receipt that indicates they owe the debt. Might not get very far, but at least it gives the appearance that I'm communicating with them and asking for proof.
  3. I appreciate the quick reply. They claim to have purchased this debt as a charge off on January 7, 2019. Yes I have taken out a payday loan in the past, but that was several years ago. I guess I'll reply to them just to do my bit of effort on my end. I'll ask them to provide something with my signature and a receipt of their purchase. Or maybe I'll tell them they took too long to get back to me and to shove it. Ok probably not that last part. Thank you.
  4. Hello. First time posting and I'm hoping I've come to the right place for advice. I have a situation with a collections company named Velocity Investments. A few months back they used a third party collections company and contacted me about a personal loan debt they alleged I owed. I found a response letter online that asked them for all sorts of information to prove the debt was mine, their right to collect, what they paid for the debt...etc. Sent the reply off certified mail, it was received, I got the stub back with the receipt signature and never heard from this company again. A month or so later I get a letter from Velocity Investments themselves, it's essentially the same thing as I got from their third party minions. They are collecting on a debt I allegedly owe and so on. I send the same letter to them via certified mail and receive a confirmed receipt. A couple weeks later I receive a letter from them stating they are "putting the matter on hold". Cool. I've now received a follow-up from them, out of the blue for something being "on hold", and well past the 30 day mark from my 'Prove it' letter. They've sent me a copy of the loan paperwork from the original lender. However nowhere on this documentation is my signature. It literally looks like something someone wrote up in Word and just entered my information in the appropriate fields. So here's where I could use some pointers. I see myself presented with the following options, but I'm not sure which would be the best. 1. Ignore it completely. The information they sent came well after the 30-day request for validation. Therefore they failed to comply with the Debt Collections Laws. 2. Send a reply and state they failed to provide adequate proof that this debt is mine, it's past 30-days, and I'm considering the matter closed. I'll include a bit that states if they contact me again or post this to my credit report that I'll take legal action against them. Any advice would be really helpful. Thank you very much in advance.

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