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  1. *meant to say 680 would be more realistic, not better
  2. My husband and I are applying for a home loan and I'm hoping to raise his scores a bit before we do the thing.... His MyFico Mortgage Scores: EQ: 668 TU: 626 EX: 654 He has a thin file with 2 cards, AU on one of my cards that only reports on TU, Util on EX hasn't updated CC balance yet. I'd love to get his mid-score to 700, but even 680 would be better. I'm wondering if it's better to leave well enough alone, or add another card to his profile. There isn't much more I can do to raise his scores (that I know of, anyway). He has 1 very old
  3. Okay, thank you for the insight, I appreciate it
  4. I am still confused. The account has updated every month. So whether we pay it or not my understanding is it shouldn't necessarily hurt his score, ie it wouldn't be waking a beast, but may or may not improve his score due to balance going from 877 to 0.? Am I understanding correctly that if I pay it we're probably looking at another 7 years with the charge-off, but at least paid charge off? I feel we are in a bind, the house we are renting will go on the market in January. We have an incredible rent payment and won't find anything even close to what we are paying n
  5. First, I should clarify, I mixed up terminology, fairly uneducated about the ins and outs. My concern isn't SOL, as I will either PIF or settle, I'm concerned about reporting time changing from a few months to another 7 years. CV- We have not "applied", the lender we plan to work with did a soft pull and told us that would need to be taken care of, that they will freeze or hold (pardon my ignorance and forgetfulness on terms) the application until it's paid or removed. He also said that my husband's mid-score of 686 should increase. He mentioned it may or may not be significant.
  6. My husband has a single old charge off on his account from CFNA/Firestone. I would like to pay it off, it never went to a CA and is with the OC still. The amount is $877. My question is regarding how to handle paying it off. I'd like to try to settle for less, if possible, but I can pay the balance if necessary. I'm a bit fuzzy on the process though, when I call and ask to settle does this reset the SOL? The last payment was made 6/1/2015, so it would fall off around June of next year. From what I can tell CFNA is not very forgiving and probably won't remove early, but if anyone has sug
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