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  1. I've referred this to an attorney.
  2. Thank you for your feedback. I'm working on written materials today.
  3. I'm sure buried somewhere in the mountain of paperwork I have collected there is something to that effect. However, I do have a company screenshot from the gentleman who processed my payoff showing the loan PIF in their system. Also, they released the title.
  4. Thank you for this suggestion. I'll start calling around today. I need to do some more digging on the collection agency which is Jefferson Capital? I believe.
  5. FlexPath Capital. Navy Federal refinanced me 8 months after acquiring my loan from them.
  6. I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but here's my situation. I financed a car through a subprime lender 4 years ago and within 8 months of financing it, I paid it off via certified check from my current bank. Fast forward to a few days ago, I received a notice on my all three bureaus that I was indebted in the sum of $10,800 on behalf of the former finance company. The former finance company said that is incorrect. They are not sure how my information got passed to the collections agency and sent me a screenshot showing a zero balance in their system. Also, they claim the report that they would generate showing past due balances would not include me since the account selection is automatic based on if a loan was charged off, not a general export of the accounts receivables. The current collections agency is continuing to collect a debt that they were notified via telephone was paid off from the former original creditor. Should I pursue normal FCRA demands or should I just take them to court? Someone breached my private information and as a result my score has tanked. I'm fearful they are going to start closing cards because of it.

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