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    Hi, I wanted to ask for help from any mortgage professional who can possibly help me. I have owned 2 houses in the past, then got into arrears with the last one. We moved to a different state and currently rent for $2,000 a month. I look around and everyone is paying less than I am and they own. What's worse is that I see so many opportunities to purchase a house below the current market for instant equity. Many, many opportunities for these homes. We have some money saved, but we have bad credit (BK in 2016). I have no credit cards and have no debt. I am also self employed, but we have a good income. I need help to explore any options that may be available for us. If you can help please let me know.
  2. Hi, I have two businesses and both are viable business. I have an LLC that I have a telephone # from Comcast and Internet services and verizonwireless in the businesses name. I have an $800 credit card from BP Universal and Uline. and that's it. I have been trying these are my latest declines: Office Depot, Staples, HD, Shell (wanted financials), Amazon and a not yet from Quill.They gave me an initial approval for a 30 day purchase, made payment right a away. A couple of weeks went by and I thought I could use something from them and I get an email stating they cannot extend credit. (the purchase was for a bag of rubber bands and some folders a $30 purchase) They explained that I needed to purchase from them for an average of $100 a month for 3 months. I thought I did this BEFORE I tried the purchase on a 30 day net account. This LLC has been around since 2009, I have the credit reports, but I have only 2 tradelines. I have a newer Inc. business that I'm having trouble establishing trade accounts. Only have Uline and bank accounts for both. What am I doing wrong!

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