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  1. @tmcgill, I wanted to see if you had any feedback on Kinetic FCU out of Georgia.
  2. Glad to hear your friend is getting it all together. Now hopefully he has learned his lesson, and won't do this again. I think we all have to learn the hard way sometimes, to realize that all we can do is put our big boy/girl pants on, and get through it.
  3. Update on this. They still only do a credit inquiry for ID verification. Very good bank to work with. Have mobile deposit (usually NBD availablity), Credit Cards through ELAN (Unsecured & Secured) and many other perks/products.
  4. I have been having that same issue for the past 6-8 months. I have tired calling...get no where. Paper copies, and snail mail is how I have had to deal with these people recently.
  5. Did the creditor ever send you any kind of notification letter in the mail? With the documents they send to you (i.e. the spreadsheet), was there any other kind of documentation with it? I will let the true legal advisers on here chime in, but if it were me personally, I would start making their life hell. File with the BBB (if there a valid company), Ohio Attorney Generals office, etc. If they have not followed the FDCA to a T, then you absolutely have a leg to stand on. Sorry your having to deal with this. This sounds a bit crazy and outrageous.
  6. FINDING THE TRUTH Flat Earth Credit Union is not affiliated in any way with the flat earth movement or any flat earth organizations. It's not even a real credit union.
  7. First off, don't pay her balance down to 0. Always keep 2-3.00 reporting, as a zero balance may actually hurt her scores. If you walk in with her documentation showing she is now a US citizen, along with her social, BofA should be able to easily accomplish this. Now just wondering as you didn't list anything, do you have any account's you can add her too as an authorized user? With a thin file, I will let the other pro's chime in on the best accounts to apply for.
  8. So yep, a bit of a mess, but you have come to the right place. If I were you, and I am in the same spot right now, you would start with getting a hard copy of each report. Once you have all 3, review them, and find out if there are any errors. I would have a look at some of the stickies posted in the Credit Forum section. There's a lot of valuable information within those. The key will be to get those accounts settled, and work your way back in with them. Be careful with some of these creditors, Cap One and Discover are notorious for charging their accounts off, and the collections companies try to file a suit. Don't panic, and welcome. There will be more seasoned advice to come I am sure.
  9. Yeah you shouldn't have an issue. I just did a quick search through the Creditpulls database, and it looks like for most Chase cards in the past year or two, have been pulling Experian or Equifax. Now keep in mind, Credit Karma scores are Fako's. Not real scores. Most Sapphire approvals I saw were 720+, and had thicker files than yours. Again may want to get your foot in the door with a Freedom card, and go from there, just my opinion.
  10. I was not. I actually applied for the slate card first. Was approved...I believe that was 3k. Then did the Freedom, and my eyes about bugged out of my head. Being 24, that was crazy for me. Chase may have changed their policies for approving applications (for better or worse) since 2011. Again inquiries are not as big of a deal, as everyone makes them out to be. If they deny you, you can recon with Chase. Worst that happens is they say no, and you wait 3-6 months to let your AAOA get higher. What is your overall utilization at this point?
  11. So back before I blew up my credit, I was in your same spot. Young, had 2 decent cards, and was wanting to find a 3rd. I went to Chase. Applied for the Freedom card, and was approved for a 10k limit (i was shocked at the time). It was my in with Chase. 6 months later I applied for a Sapphire card, and was approved. The Preferred card is nice, but ill let the other pro's put in their opinion on if you should be approved.
  12. I just hope the market doesn't revert back to giving everyone with a pule, a home mortgage.
  13. I mean....criminals like him are not the brightest bulb in the pack. Shooting videos of skimmers, large sums of cash, is just asking for you to be investigated. I would say the issue with him is, he was actually committing the crimes "allegedly". He'll have his day in court.
  14. "Hey....that's why I have a grace period"....come on people

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