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  1. River City Federal Credit Union (San Antonio, TX). Uses Telecheck.
  2. So as tmcgill said, Banks have to verify every person who opens an account. Now it would be at the bank's discretion to do periodic checks (i.e. EWS or Chex systems) inquiries. I know that banks like Capital One, Wells Fargo, BBVA show up on an EWS report. Along with transnational data. But for soft inquires, which would be done after an account is opened, a Bank would only see transnational history, inquiries, etc. from that report. I have not seen a bank that uses that, but it doesn't mean they are not out there. I don't believe a bank is allowed to mask, their inquires on your report. For example, I opened a new account with Synovus a couple weeks ago, and it showed up as Synovus on my credit report (Equifax). Total ID and others would be from credit monitoring products, which are soft inquiries anyways, and are not visible to creditors.
  3. So I can speak from personal experience. Raush Strum is sue happy. Call them, you can settle and Portfolio Recovery still owns the debt. Once paid off, they will remove it from your reports.
  4. **This is for reference only. Please don't start topics in this thread** For updates/additions, post them below and I will update this main section. Fuel NET Accounts FuelMan WEX Voyager Exxon/Mobile (Citi Backed Card) Phillips 66/Conoco/76 (Syncrony Backed Card) NET10 Accounts McCoys Building Supply Builders First Source Ferguson Net30 Accounts CDW FedEx Office Global Voice Direct Grainger - You will need to chat/call to setup the account number and NET 30 terms. Home Depot HD Supply Lowes NewEgg Northern Tool OfficeMax PCM / TigerDirect Quill Seaton Strategic Network Solutions Summa Office Supplies Synnex Distribution TechData Distribution Uline NET55 Accounts Amazon Pre-Paid Cards Lowes Revolving Amazon Dell Business Credit Honda Power Equipment Card Home Depot Lowes McCoys Building Supply OfficeMax TractorSupply Vehicle Financing Ally Commercial Financing Chrysler Capital Group Ford Motor Credit
  5. I know this thread is old, but this is what you want to start with FedEx. https://cidonline.office.fedex.com/ApplicationPage.jsf
  6. Welcome first off. I would start by reading some of the sticky threads listed here. No lawyer needs to get involved, as it's going to be a waste of money. Read through some of the threads, get familiar with how other users have started, and go from there is what I can recommend. Also, get a physical line, Google Voice lines can be flagged. RingCentral, AT&T Landline, etc. is the best way to go about it.
  7. Can confirm they still only pull Equifax financial services report. Can not have active collections for a deposit account listed. Requires a 100.00 deposit to open. https://www.synovus.com/personal/bank/checking-account/ Must be opened in a branch, online opening isn't an option. Here's a link to their branch locations. https://www.synovus.com/locations
  8. So I do a lot of work with SunTrust. Try dealing with their 3 separate networks right now...it's outrageous. As hegemony posted above, they have pumped the breaks a bit on completing the conversion, and it's going to be a while before they are merged into 1 bank.
  9. So went into a branch. They use CheckSystems, which mine is frozen.
  10. Welcome to CB! First, lets start with the Medical bills. There is a Medical Bill section here on the forums, there are some great people in there that can help with those types of collections. Discover, now there a tough nut to crack. I was in the same boat, had a 450.00 charge off with them. They refused to do a PFD. I still paid it off, as yes I owed the money. At this point, I would say it is minimally impacting your score. The recent collections is whats most likely hurting you. Where I would start is cleaning those up, getting a couple of secured cards (Cap One, BofA, Wells Fargo), and put as much money at each of them as you can for your credit lines. Pay them religiously, don't miss a payment. Good luck. Hopefully some more people will chime in with additional feedback.
  11. This just continues to prove the thought process of throwing crap at a wall, and hope it sticks. First off....forcing lending providers to cap interest rates at 15 percent. How would that accomplish anything except the lenders no longer being willing to lend funds except to a particular group of credit worthy people. This does nothing to stop those lenders from changing their standards. Secondly trusting the post office with short term loans. I absolutely despise going into the post office, let alone now we would have to deal with them performing lending to consumers?? These people need to pull their heads out of each others butts and realize to solve this problem isn't going to be more regulation. To solve the problem we have to fix the overall issue of people overspending each month, and not saving a dime.
  12. @Why Chat Thanks again for the help. I will let sleeping dogs lie until next April once the 2 year mark passes.

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