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  1. Welcome to CB! First, lets start with the Medical bills. There is a Medical Bill section here on the forums, there are some great people in there that can help with those types of collections. Discover, now there a tough nut to crack. I was in the same boat, had a 450.00 charge off with them. They refused to do a PFD. I still paid it off, as yes I owed the money. At this point, I would say it is minimally impacting your score. The recent collections is whats most likely hurting you. Where I would start is cleaning those up, getting a couple of secured cards (Cap One, BofA, Wells Fargo), and put as much money at each of them as you can for your credit lines. Pay them religiously, don't miss a payment. Good luck. Hopefully some more people will chime in with additional feedback.
  2. This just continues to prove the thought process of throwing crap at a wall, and hope it sticks. First off....forcing lending providers to cap interest rates at 15 percent. How would that accomplish anything except the lenders no longer being willing to lend funds except to a particular group of credit worthy people. This does nothing to stop those lenders from changing their standards. Secondly trusting the post office with short term loans. I absolutely despise going into the post office, let alone now we would have to deal with them performing lending to consumers?? These people need to pull their heads out of each others butts and realize to solve this problem isn't going to be more regulation. To solve the problem we have to fix the overall issue of people overspending each month, and not saving a dime.
  3. @Why Chat Thanks again for the help. I will let sleeping dogs lie until next April once the 2 year mark passes.
  4. @Why Chat Getting back into the swing of trying to clean this mess up after battling pneumonia for 3 weeks. I did go back through all of my documentation, and verified that Go Financial did not send any documentation after reposessing the vehicle. I did verify they had my updated address, but not one letter sent. An initial dispute letter was sent back 4/3, which came back "updated - remains" by all 3 credit bureaus. Next step would be to send the repo letter, just trying to make sure I am following this process correctly and not screwing anything up. Thanks again for the help.
  5. My Grandmother had an account with Wells Fargo for years and years, she passed away in 2001. My aunt, whom was the executor of her estate, spent countless months trying to sort all of my grandmother's accounts out with hells fargo. They were an absolutely terrible bank back then, and still are today. Bend over America isn't much better. Doesn't surprise me one bit, they are still pulling this type of crap. Turn a blind eye, and move on is their mindset.
  6. I would say outdated information. According to some site's I found, the Mitsuwa and Mirukai cards were issued until JCB shut down their US operations. Odd they still have them listed. Couldn't find any other info on it.
  7. Give this number a call - 866-349-5186. It is their status line, for disputes. It will ask for your confirmation number, and will provide you the details.
  8. WhyChat. Thanks for the response. I do appreciate the clarification. They did not provide any documentation at all. Not one letter was sent. According to Carfax, the car was sold at auction in April. So should I wait until next year to start fighting this one? Or would I have other grounds to go after them on? Again thanks for the help. Steve Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. @Why Chat I wanted to see if I could get your opinion on the above. If the debt is within the SOL's, but the financing company did not follow any of the post-repossession processes, could I still use your process to go after this on my reports. Or, should I let sleeping does lie, and come back in a couple years when it's no longer a threat?
  10. Ok so since I have some free time here, I am going to ask a hopefully quick question. Back in 2015 I purchased a car through Carvana. Go Financial is the financing company, and wound up falling behind in 2017. They repossessed the car in March 2018, and surprisingly I received absolutely nothing in the mail from Go Financial (i.e. sale date, outstanding balance...nothing). Since this is just over a year old, balance outstanding according to the credit bureau's is 5600.00 roughly. What is the best plan of attack to try to get this removed. WhyChat's method, from what I have read, really shouldn't be used until I am outside of the SOL, which in Alabama is 4 years. An other methods work in the past? Steve
  11. Sadly we both know this won't happen. People will stomp their feet and scream "That's an evasion of privacy"
  12. So, to start this off I was a member back in the mid to late 2000's, and learned a lot about how credit worked. Growing up I watched my parents struggle with debt, and lack of control for their spending habits. When I graduated college in 2008, I was working 2 jobs, and making a decent amount of money. I wanted to pay off the roughly 16k worth of debt I had from school, in less than 2 years. I was actually able to accomplish this. During this time I was also dumb, and acquired a crap ton of credit card debt. Roughly 40 grand worth. Clearly not learning anything from here the first time, I just kept chugging along making my payments, until the inevitable happened. I was laid off from my job, and had a non-compete. Thinking "those don't hold up in court", I took a job with a competitor, and promptly got sued by my prior employer. Trying to fight this, I spend nearly 14,000.00 in lawyer's fees and costs, to eventually run out of money to fight it. I lost everything. My house, car, thank god I wasn't married yet. But at that point I was over 100,000.00 in debt with Credit cards, defaulted auto loan, and the balance due on my foreclosed home. In March of 2015 I would up filing for Bankruptcy. Not seeing a way out of the hole I had put myself in (which I blame no one but myself), I bit the bullet. Came out of my Chapter 7 the end of 2015, thinking "ok I got this". Cue forward 4 years. I was an idiot again. Now 40 grand in debt again, primarily all credit card debt (some very small medical collections), I have had enough. I don't like to reference Dave Ramsey that much, but I am sick and tired, of being sick and tired. So here's a quick run down of what I have accomplished so far, and what I still need to get cleaned up. Current Scores (FICO 8) Transunion - 513 Equifax - 497 Experian - 585 Equifax Originally 22 Collections accounts, now 7. (14 were old included in BK accounts, not updated). 1 I did a PFD and got it removed. 3 CA's with Portfolio Recovery. All 3 are on payment plans now, and will be paid off in 3 months. - Totaling 12k Specialized Collection Service - 768.00 (Medical Collection....from a company I have never heard of). Requested a DV from them back on 4/10, waiting on results. Midwest Recovery Systems - 436.00 (Total Visa card from 2016). Haven't started on this one yet. Credit Acceptance - 19,865.00 (Repossessed vehicle from my ex-wife). Yeah...this one is going to be fun. Open Lines - USAA Amex - Balance - 4,3002.00 USAA Visa - Balance - 496.00 Steve Going to take this one bureau at a time. Sadly I don't have a ton of time to work on all 3 at once, but will tackle these as I can. I know I screwed up royally, and now have to work my way out of this. The largest one being the Credit Acceptance Repo, which I have a feeling I maybe screwed on.
  13. You are absolutely correct on this. Young adults today are being molded into a coddled society, in which sadly they are not forced into any hard situations nor made to "figure it out". I am 33, and my 2 brothers and I were raised the same way. At 18 we all got a boot in the butt, and told to get a job and move out. My youngest brother and I figured out how to make it work...my older brother not so much. He had, and still has, an entitlement mentality, that sadly runs rapid in the world today. The world doesn't owe you a thing, get off your butt and earn it. Ok, end of rant
  14. Centex, completely agree. When I finished college...back in 2008, I walked out with 16k worth of debt. Back when I was smart (before 2014), I had paid it off. It comes down to buckling down and getting rid of the debt, as quickly as possible. Working 2 jobs is how I did it....I would like to know what their excuses are now and days.
  15. Marv, As I don't see it on the list, here is the number to Equifax' executive offices in Atlanta. 404-885-8000 They can also transfer you to a US based agent for help. Was finally able to access my account once I got the right department on the phone.

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