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  1. https://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/General-Credit-Topics/Amex-Plan-it-Feature-and-Credit-utilization-rate/td-p/5664162 Thanks guys. Got my answer. There are some helpful replys here if you wanna check it out.
  2. Well it is an introductory sign up period where they give you 0% interest free financing. Mine for example ends in may 2020. So yes it is free until it is not. And at the end of the month there is total balance and there is adjusted balance in your statement. That's what makes it confusing for me. Which balance counts towards utilization rate on your credit report?
  3. I have an Amex blue cash credit card with zero introductory plan it feature that helps you finance anything over 100$. What happens to credit utilization rate if I have 1000$ credit limit and I finance a 1000$ purchase for 10 months? Is it gonna be %100-%90-%80 or %10-%10-%10?
  4. Usbank cash+ approved with transunion pull. Amex blue cash every day approved with experian.
  5. Hi. Been lurking. Great forum. Gonna post my pulls once I get membership status. Take care y'all

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