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  1. I forgot to add that I have less than $3000 in debt owed for these negative accounts. Thanks!
  2. I currently have no FICO score and I just applied for 2 secured cards- OpenSky (received) and Capital One (in the mail). I have a few 5+ yr old collections on my credit report, about 17 inquiries (mostly older), about 1 student loan that appears to be 2 different ones, and not much else. After what kind of activity with my 2 new cards (I have no other cards or open credit accounts- the last time I had a real credit card was about 20 years ago and because I didn't know what I was doing, I had it closed out after paying it off) can I expect my score to begin to increase? How much of an increase? Over what time period can I expect my score to change? Thanks in advance!
  3. FINALLY!! Someone who (started in) the same position as I am in now! We are rare creatures. 😳. I've been coming through hundreds of posts trying to find someone with a similar score- NO score- so that I can learn something that may fit my situation. Wow, sorry was just so excited. Anyways, good luck with the auto loan, I'll keep tabs on your progress. Thanks for posting! 😁
  4. Sounds exactly like what happened here in the Bay Area a few years back. There was a guy, let's call him "Jack", who headed up the Finacial Aid Department. Jack worked tirelessly to see to it that all students who applied for aid had the best chance of recieving all the financial aid they could qualify for- Jack was a wizard. One day, while watching the local news channel, I saw Jack (trying desperately to cover his face) hurrying away from the school to avoid the pesky reporters who had gathered outside of building in hopes of getting a statement. It turns out.. Jack was stealing money from unsuspecting, wide-eyed students who trusted him with their financial aid apps. A couple of years later, I got a phone call from this very financial aid office threatening to come after me for the student loan money that I owed. I politely replied to the kid that I, instead would go to the local news station to tell them that the school was trying to collect money from me that Jack had stolen and that hey had zero proof that I owed them money, because there was no loan in the first place. Jack had long since disappeared from the scene and after that phone call, I never heard back from the school district about the money. Oh Jack, you were such a kidder.
  5. Hello all! My statement period ends on the 20th of the month, the company reports to the bureaus on the 20th of the month, and my payments are due on the 17th of the month. What date of the month should I actually pay my statement so as to achieve the max credit boost? Thanks in advance ladies and gents!!
  6. Thank you!! 🙂 I don't have hard copies but I did get screenshots but can't find them... I have a gameplan for the negatives; plan is in execution. Thanks for the feedback and wuick response!
  7. I have been informed by all 3 credit bureaus that due to a lack of activity, they cannot generate a score for me. For years, I believed that I had toilet-bow bad credit because I've always been turned down for credit. I have had a lot of medical collections on my reports over the past 9 years or so and about 2 student loans (at 2 seperate times and one of which I paid off completely in about the year 2012 or so). Currently, I have less than $3,000 in debt, about 7 medical collections, 1 or 2 student loans, and about 17 hard inquiries total between all 3 bureaus. All collections on my credit report is at least 5 years old. About 3 of those hard inquries are within the last 2 months, the other ones are at least 6 months old (Had I known Carmax would pull my credit multiple times, I wouldnt've have used them to try and purchase a vehicle; this is where a lot of those hard pulls came from!). I currently have a decent income and have very few monthly expenses (no rent/mortgage, daycare, car note, etc.- just my phone bill, groceries (for 1), and very minimal budget for clothes, entertainment and misc. My question is, is there a non-secured credit card that I am likely to be approved for/is geared for people like me with old collections, a moderate number of inquiries, no credit score, but a decent income? I just recieved an OpenSky Secured card ($200 deposit and $200 limit) and I am waiting on my Capital One Secured card ($250 deposit and $350 limit) to come in the mail. Thanks in advance, everyone!

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