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  1. @mrjuggalo9er got it off EX and EQ but TU is not budging. I can't remember the times I sent an MOV and they never tell me how/where it was done. Any advice?
  2. hmmm I received an email from PACER: PACER does not directly verify federal case information to third parties by phone, fax, or email.The PACER service was developed by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and is maintained by the Court Services Office, Programs Division, which manages the electronic public access program for the Federal Judiciary. Consumer bankruptcy information is publically available online to registered users of PACER. I was under the impression that, regardless of how they verify it, if I ask for the investigative material they should send me something [according to 611 (a)(B)(i)(ii)] Also, when I check TUs website it sites LN and LCI as data furnishers https://www.transunion.com/legal/public-records
  3. They sent me a letter stating that they do not verify information the the credit bureaus. (the letter is from March)...don't know if I should ask for more recent letter. Also, I removed the freeze from LN because the report is now clean.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been fighting a bankruptcy chapter 7 for almost a year and got it off LexisNexis, Experian and Equifax but TransUnion is growing to be a thorn in my side. The bankruptcy is from 2014, and I am disputing the accuracy on dates, file/case number, and address. I've sent about 3 letters requesting all the investigative material after they sent me the standard "verified" letter. Obviously they keep sending me a copy of my report with the same "verified" remark so I filed a complaint with the CFPB, attaching all letters I sent, as well as a letters from the bankruptcy court, copy of my LexisNexis report showing no bankruptcies in it, as well as the responses received from TU after each letter. TU sent the following response to my complaint: We have reviewed your complaint along with the information you provided regarding this issue. As a result of our research, on [DATES], an investigation was initiated into USBK Court Eastern New York #XXXXX per your requests. In response to the investigations, the disputed information was verified or updated accordingly and the results were forwarded to you for review. On [DATE], an investigation was initiated into the USBK Court Eastern New York XXXX account appearing on your TransUnion credit report per your request. At that time, a letter was forwarded to you advising that our records show that we previously completed an investigation into the identified item and that the data furnisher verified the information as accurate on your credit file. Please note that TransUnion has verified that the bankruptcy information reported in your credit report accurately reflects the public record of the United States Federal Bankruptcy Court, and is currently reported on your credit report as permitted by federal law. The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows: Bankruptcies to be reported for 10 years from the date of filing. However, it is TransUnion’s policy to report discharged or dismissed Chapter 13 bankruptcies for seven years from the date the bankruptcy was filed. Voluntarily dismissed bankruptcies, regardless of the chapter filed, are reported for seven years from the date the bankruptcy was filed. Therefore, as permitted under federal law, it will remain on your file until 2/4/2024. In addition, on [DATES], letters were forwarded to you advising of TransUnion’s Investigation Procedure per your requests. The current mailing address you provided with your complaint, is not listed in our records. If you would like for TransUnion to update your current address, you must submit copies of two (2) of the qualifying documents listed below to this address: P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016-2000. Electronic statements printed from a website cannot be accepted for proof of address. Driver’s license or State ID card (current and unexpired). Pay stub, Bank/credit union statement or cancelled check, College letters (campus housing), Government issued ID card, Medicaid/Medicare cards (if address is present), Stamped post office box receipt, Utility bill (water, gas, electric, or telephone). Or one (1) of the following: Signed letter from homeless shelter, Prison identification letter. When providing proof of your current mailing address, please ensure; Bank statements, utility bills, cancelled checks, and pay stubs are not older than 2 months. PO Box receipts and signed letters confirming residency are not older than 1 year. Any advice about how to go about this? Thanks
  5. This is great stuff! I didn't know that I had to be under 5/24 to get the biz card...if this is the case I'll try to get the ink biz cash and a biz Hyatt next year before I get the Freedom Unlimited. Thanks guys!
  6. It's my newest but I got the ink business using EIN so I think that one does not count towards the 5/24.
  7. True...I'm just not sure if I'm over 5/24 lol opened two of those cards to lower my utilization last year (new coast and myjewlers) and I'm not sure if those count against the 5/24..I got Discover it, CSP, and Amex this year. Citi AA might be the way to go
  8. Thanks for your help!! Yeap, I guess I'll have to do that soon. I'm just trying to reach the MS on my Chase Ink to get the intro bonus before I go back to using Cap 1.
  9. 8k for QS and 12k for Venture 1. I stopped using them at the beginning of the year and only have 1 recurring payment on each card (Netflix and storage). The reason they gave me the last time I applied for the CLI was " Recent use of this account's existing credit line has been too low".
  10. I have a QS (5 years) and a Venture 1 (3 years), both with 0 balance; I've been trying to combine them for the past 8 months and every time I call they tell me that the option was discontinued at the end of 2018. Has anyone been successful combining cards this year? Also, I'm trying to get increases on both but I don't use the cards that much right now. What's the minimum amount to spend evey month for 90 days before I apply for a CLI?
  11. Unfortunately I don't. I googled my letter and edited it to fit my needs. I started disputing at the beginning of the year...so if you have nothing else why stop now? As someone said before, suppressing only works if you have a legitimate reason for it (can provide documentation); otherwise they'll have ways to check your file. I officially got EQ to delete the BK again, so I only have TU to fight. Not sure if a follow suit letter will work but it won't kill me if that's the only bureau showing the public record 🤷🏾‍♀️
  12. Over the phone the first time, and sent MOV by mail

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