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  1. I'm ready to start a transportation business. Before I form the LLC or apply for my authority, I need the virtual address set up, which is my understanding needs to be in a real office building like thru Regis where someone answers the phone and is there. Credit Suite says they can get my $150 grand unsecured line of credit for 6-18 months but I have to personally stand good for it. That is the main reason of wanting to use them. I need that line of credit. They want $3,000 grand or monthly payments being over $4,000 grand spread out over a few years & claim they do a lot for ya blah blah blah. I can talk em down though off that I'm sure. I need business credit fast and access to the line of credit fast. Any recommendations for these people or anything against them?
  2. I wished someone here would be nice enough to answer this mans question. Inquiring minds wanna know. If you don't find your answer here sir, you may wanna try BiggerPockets.com. They are real estate experts. I for one am curious about this question as my LLC says Properties in it as well.

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