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  1. After reading through numerous posts and articles online, I thought I would try my hand at removing a CH7 BK from 2012. I disputed with all 3 CRAs online for inaccurate information (although for whatever reason I can NEVER get logged into EQ so had to do that one over the phone). TU came back the next day deleted. I saw a blip on my report for EQ that the BK has been removed and then added, so I called (again since I can’t get logged in online) and was told it came back “Verified”. The EQ agent gave little information that they called the courts and verified it, but also told me they updated the date it was filed. This sparked my interest since the date was previously correct, but after the dispute they updated it to incorrect information (filing date). After reading and researching it sounds like they likely did some type of automated verification with LexisNexis or such, so I was hoping to use the PR process, but now I’m confused as to my next steps since I can obviously prove the date is wrong. Should I re-dispute it again as inaccurate? Should I send the PR to EQ first? Should I try to obtain a document from the court that they don’t release the information? Should I request my Full Disclosure from LexisNexis first and dispute with them? Still waiting to to hear back from EX... Thanks for any advice and the trove of treasure you offer on CB!

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