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  1. true, although if they didn't let me know ahead, I don't see how they would have not given it, since I have never had that card before.
  2. I had an spg card, that became an bonvoy card ugh, that I closed because it's useless. Had applied about 9 mos ago for a blue card and moved my credit limit of 43700 to it. Was going to apply for their cash magnet for bonus and 1.5 cashback yesterday, but when I started application, it said I would not receive the bonus, which is weird because I have never had that specific card, and have not churned through many cards in the last few years. I used to charge a lot on spg, but bonvoy kind of pisses me off with how little points are valued.
  3. There is a newbie section, that has tons of information. There are also sample letters for helping with your credit. I haven't been in forever, but I used the letters verbatim.
  4. Funny how fast they get back to you when you owe vs paid off.
  5. So I came here many years ago when my credit was awful from going through what was supposed to be an unwinnable case of cancer. I read everything I could, which was far less than available now. I would never give my credit over to a credit repair company. It takes awhile to get the hang of it all, but then you learn how to keep your credit sound because you worked so hard to get it there. Trust me in the beginning it will be frustrating. Just when you thought something was taken off, it reports again (cough Crapital one). My scores are now in the mid 800 and I make sure I don't miss a payment. Sorry so long. If Hegemony says it, you can take it to the bank.
  6. Thanks. That's probably what I will get and just take it to the courthouse to have lien removed from the county records. Good to see you around hegemony:)
  7. Nearly 3 weeks ago I paid off a home equity loan off from Penfed. The equity loan has disappeared from online once it was paid, but other than that I have received no paperwork, such as lien removal. How exactly does that work when a loan is paid? Does the trustee get the paperwork. Wouldn't we get a copy of the loan with paid in full? We have a Texas Deed of Trust.
  8. I was just going to close my amex which was 10000. My visa was 40000. As I was closing I said I would have moved the 10000 to visa if I could have. The phone person said I might be able to do it, and submitted a request to the credit dept. who was going to let me know tomorrow, Monday the 16th. Shocked because I just signed in and my amex has 0 and my visa is now 50000, so It is possible, I guess, if you catch them at a good time. I have an excellent fico, and have been offered many other products, which may be why. Also have an equity loan from them the last 10 years. Other than that I don't know why they did it. Obviously ymmv.
  9. I was offered maximum 6.98% by email and on amex site.
  10. I have a question involving spg and marriott. I have had an spg account for many years and mostly at the gold level by spending 30000 on my amex spg card. My dh got an spg amex this year, and he will make the 30000 gold spending threshold, and I probably won't. You can't join two spg accounts under the same account, even in the same household. The Marriott I am linked to will only link to one spg account. I hate to lose the history of my spg account, but since dh is gold now and I won't be, I am wondering if it would just be best to close mine, and become authorized user on his amex spg. That would save one annual fee, and make it easier to qualify for gold each year. Then I could connect his spg to the Marriott. This whole merger sucks with all the rules. Any ideas on this. Thx in advance.
  11. I have 2 balance transfers on a bofa card. One ends in May and the other one next April 2018. I would like to go ahead and pay the May 2017 one off, but since they are both at 0%, can someone tell me if I paid over my minimum amount, would it go to the 0% that is up the soonest, or how would that work?
  12. bump. Still don't know if there are repercussions for not using a penfed card.
  13. A simple warning would have been enough to stop me. I hate losing 50k in revolving lines overnight. Especially one that I spent so many years cultivating. Oh well Maybe a reconsideration, or make them prove that you were 120 days late, which they can't.
  14. Very good. Yes I definitely stumbled into luck then. I applied for Ring one, and the preapproval was Arrival+, so I guess not have a preapproval available, was dumb luck:)

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