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  1. Got it! In terms of timeline: I have not seen these medical issues appear on my credit report yet. Do you recommend waiting until they are found in the CRAs before contacting the provider with the HIPAA letter and a payment?
  2. thank you for this prompt response! will follow through and report back if there are any issues. One question however, the response to my validation request from the CA does not provide a "documented current relationship between the Health Care Provider and the reporting CA." other that CA stating that the Health Care Provider is their client and CA providing an itemized list of dates of service, charges and insurance reimbursements along with my supposed account number with the HCP and my contact info. Do i need for CA to provide a proof of their relationship with HCP first before proceeding with your HIPAA letter? Did CA violate something by reporting this to CRA before 30 days passed(even though they marked account as disputed)?
  3. Hi Folks! Long time lurker, first time poster! On Dec 11, 2018 I got a letter from a collection agency for a bill that I did not recognize It said I read up on here and on Dec 22nd I sent them a validation letter stating the following: At the end of January I received a response from them. The document was dated January 18, 2019, However the postal stamp on the envelope said Jan 22, 2019, which is 31 days after I send my letter. Their response said : On one hand in the second letter they attached a summary of charges and more information about the Medical billing office that made me recognize this debt. On another hand, they totally violated what they said they would do: They said they reported this debt to the consumer reporting agencies even though they said that i had 30 days to respond and i responded within those 30 days with a verification request that i listed above. As you can see they did not provide me with verification that I need to indeed pay them, the collection agency vs the actual medical office. I have about a week to respond -- I would like to pay my dues to the medical office in question, but i also would like to make sure that the debt doesnt go through with its reporting to the consumer reporting agency, especially since i responded to them in time per their request and probably per law. Any advice would be appreciated.

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