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  1. Received my card today, my PIN came either Saturday or Friday. Took quite a bit longer than I'm happy with, but glad they're finally here! I think the card looks pretty sweet, also!
  2. I've done two electronic checks thus far...both used to "push" money into my Obopay account (as a quick and free method of funding the account). The first was successful without an issue, and the second I initiated today, but I anticipate no problems. Like others, as of yesterday, I still hadn't received my debit card. I phoned them last night and they said that because of the extremely high demand, they were slightly behind but all cards have been issued and mine should arrive "any day." Since I'm out of town, my roommate has agreed to call me when it arrives.
  3. It seems as though with ING's OD, it doesn't even report if you DO use it.
  4. It seems that perhaps now that it is open to everyone, they've lowered the LOC. It might also be proportional to your opening deposit, as mine was only $12 (the remainder of what I had in my savings account with ING). AFAIK, they pulled NO report for the LOC. It's automatic. It took me literally seconds to open my account, so I don't think they pulled a report. FWIW, I also received a $250 OD/LOC.
  5. Now available to ALL ING Direct customers! If you're not an ING Direct customer, you can get $25 free for opening an account...just PM me for a referral!
  6. I don't know many prostitutes that take credit cards or checks Nor many drug dealers. Credit is wonderful for 95% of transactions, but there is a benefit to cash that nobody can ever deny (at least, until the US government starts embedding RFID chips in bills)... Anonymity!
  7. It's gonna get argued every time a new topic is created or a newbie comes into this forum (which, I am a newbie but have always been squarely in the Don't Show ID camp)... But here's the deal. All a retailer has to do is match signatures. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. To avoid a chargeback, that's ALL that Visa, Mastercard, etc require of them. Asking me to show my ID does NOTHING for my security, and actually comprimises it. All that I need to do is sign the slip and the retailer can compare signatures with my PROPERLY SIGNED credit card (not CID or any of that crap). Now...if the retailer complies with the merchant agreement...and there happens to be fraudulent use of the card anyway...does the credit card company eat the charge and eventually pass it onto the consumer? Yes and no. It's so negligible that it'll never truly affect any of us - and we'd be actually CUTTING DOWN on identity theft and fraud if we SAFEGUARD our information and our IDs. How well do YOU know the clerk you're about to show your driver's license to?
  8. Yeah, I got that a few times but I did get through. Try again until you get to hear the message, it's funny! But I also like the Dial-A-Prayer idea hehe
  9. Or there's always the Houston Rejection Line. 713-866-6249
  10. That's a completely incorrect assumption. I'd like you to cite any state's laws to that effect.
  11. I use both Tracfone and T-Mobile Prepaid. Tracfone is nice when you occasionally get referrals for new users. If you refer someone, both parties receive 100 minutes. If anyone is interested in learning more about Tracfone, PM me. T-Mobile is good because they currently offer a 1000min/$100 yearlong option. If you load your T-Mobile Pay As You Go with $100, you receive a rate of $0.10 per minute, and your service is extended for one year from add date. If you also want to know about T-Mobile, PM me. As for post-BK creditors, I don't think Cingular will be too friendly to me, as they were one of my creditors in my Chp 7, recently filed.
  12. Predatory towing is becoming a real problem...that's probably WHY this company won't accept credit cards for tows - because they're engaging in predatory towing, and have probably had the chargebacks to demonstrate that! If you are the apartment manager and indeed did NOT call the towing company, I think that gives legal standing to whoever was towed to report it to the police as GTA and/or sue, but I am not sure. Definitely something worth looking into.
  13. Look, if Waffle House doesn't want to accept credit cards, that's perfectly fine. Unlike other establishments that take credit cards and then violate the terms to try to recoup the fees (minimum purchases, surcharges) or violate the terms for a false sense of security (checking ID), Waffle House is just avoiding all of that by still operating on a cash-only basis. I'll continue to frequent their establishments when I have the chance. For those of you who don't like their food, don't go. You don't have to be an flowers just because you happen to not like greasy food. Sure, they may gain business by accepting credit cards, but some businesses and people are content with continuing with the status quo.
  14. Then how did they get my phone number? My SSN? Neither of those are my address, and I should hope my creditor doesn't pass that information out to businesses but it seems that maybe they do. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> How T-Mobile has your SSN, I do not know. I would take that up with them. However, an automated phone system asking for your phone number when doing a credit card transaction does not mean T-Mobile already has your phone number. It means their system will take the number you give them, and then submit it via their verification system to MBNA. If MBNA rejects it, they reject it. That's what happened with the fake number you used. T-Mobile doesn't have your home phone on file, MBNA does. Nothing T-Mobile did violated credit card policy. Merchants are allowed to do some form of address verification (including asking for your ZIP and/or phone number) during a Card Not Present transaction. It is in the merchant agreement, and helps cut down on fraud with such transactions. It is like ordering from an internet merchant and filling in your billing address.
  15. If they swipe my signed card and give it back to me without comparing the signatures, that doesn't bother me much because they aren't requiring anything on my part. Asking for my ID is intrusive, and since it IS against V/MC policy, I have the right to refuse. If they do not compare the signatures when they accept cards, THEY are held liable for fraudulent purchases, not me.

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