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  1. NET 30 Accounts Reporting 2019
  2. No problem at all. Please continue to report back here if you find anything not listed. We need to build this database and keep it current.
  3. 2/7/19 - I spoke with a Gemplers rep. She stated the requirements to acquire a Net 30 account with them are as follows. $2,500 spent on at least 4 different orders, in a 12 month period. So you have to have an account with them for 1 full year and spend at least $2,500. It wouldn't matter if you spent that $2,500 over a span of 4 months. The account has to be opened a full year. One could do other things with that $2,500.. over a years time, that would build Business Credit faster. Also, their FAQ states "We do not report to any credit agencies."
  4. I just got off the phone with Grainger. Very simple to set up the Net 30 account. I have been incorporated since October 12, 2018. I placed a small web orders with them and picked them up at the Grainger locally. So I purchased once.. in January. You don't need to spend a lot of money. I do believe you have to be in business at least 3 months. I would suggest going to the site, register your company online. Order once, twice or three times.. small items.. then after your 3 months have passed, call in and ask about the Net 30. They just gave me a $1k limit. She says it will be active in about 2 to 3 days. Today is Feb 6th. My company is not exactly 4 months old. So it is possible.
  5. Summa Office Supplies - $2k tradeline reporting Stragegic Network Solutions - $1,500 tradeline reporting. soon to be $2k Both are easy to sign up for. You have to spend 60 on both.

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