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  1. I signed up with a trainer (foolishly from a google search) for some sessions and he used Square, swiping my credit card. I didn't know him and figured it was safer than cash. Paid him for 10 sessions I signed up for another round $1200. I checked my CC statement and saw he charged me $1200 twice. I figured it was just an oversight and when I asked him to fix it, he apologized and said he would fix it. Instead he charged me an additional $1200 AGAIN for a total of $2400 unauthorized charges. When I called unhappy after it was not fixed the second time , but made worse, instead of refunding immediately, he got very defensive, says he never got it, it was a problem w Square and to dispute it. His story changed multiple times, so I don't believe him, but disputed it. ("you'll have the money in 3 days" then, no "it's easier if you dispute it".etc) It was around Christmas, so I think he figured he'd hit my card because he needed $ and would repay it later and apologize. The CC company gave me an immediate provisional credit of $2400 and say they will have a decision in 90 days after investigating. CC company sent me a letter saying the are requesting info from the vendor, (him) if it's a legitimate charge. I assume Square can track exactly where the money went. Like did square deposit the money to his bank or not. Does anyone know what happens it a situation where the vendor actually tells you to dispute it? I have a hard time believing him, but maybe I am wrong. From what I can tell, Square is reliable and not prone to accidental overcharges. I just want the $2400 back and have moved on. Thank you for any guidance.

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