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  1. I have to admit I need to study more up on the sample letter themselves I just want to make sure I have a complete understanding of the psychology and theory of all the methods including whychats so I don't miss something and look like I'm not serious. Whychat 1/2 jackattack nutcase goodwill.
  2. They flat out told me they won't report any changes to the balance until its paid off. Every other account is reporting accuratley
  3. I'm going to try and 1-2 punch that one as they seem like a perfect candidate for that type of play call.
  4. My credit report is updated constantly and the balance NEVER changes and I'm paying them monthly.
  5. Yeah I got my wife to list me as an authorized user on two credit cards bumping me up 116 points to a 675 on experian and a 585 on TU. Which allowed me to get a credit card and Google pixel 3 in my name. I'm doing all this because I'm trying to buy a house. One of the accounts I've been paying for a year The balance has never changed and they said they won't report the change to the CRA only zero it out once its paid. Is that really legal? I just don't wanna screw up what I have setup with creditguard and not get anywhere trying to dispute things. Thank you!! +
  6. Wow and I thought I was smart. I started doing that last year. Read the post frat boy. Anyway I'm bumping this If anyone can help me. Though further research it looks like I'm screwed on using the whychat method for my medical accounts but can I really dispute any of these accounts that I've been paying on?
  7. I tried sorry it seemed like it was heading that way. I understand and apologize
  8. So should I not initiate the process unless I'm prepared to pay it off because the OC and CA are still in a business arrangement?
  9. Im a roofer in local 8 NYC union I made 90k and. I'm broke from trying to pay off debt. I'm just asking for help.
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