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  1. Headnic789

    Why Chat - next steps?

    Yes send amount on eob using insert a to OC
  2. Headnic789

    Why Chat - next steps?

    I tried sorry it seemed like it was heading that way. I understand and apologize
  3. Headnic789

    Why Chat - next steps?

    So should I not initiate the process unless I'm prepared to pay it off because the OC and CA are still in a business arrangement?
  4. Headnic789

    Why Chat - next steps?

    Could you elaborate on this
  5. Geico and cable company both for over 400 closed
  6. Just following the steps Greek Master. Credit repair 101
  7. Im a roofer in local 8 NYC union I made 90k and. I'm broke from trying to pay off debt. I'm just asking for help.
  8. Alrite called the county court. There is a statement of judgment against me for 22 grand which is still lower then what they are claiming I owe them and the 14 grand being reflected on my credit report. How the hell could they do all. This without me even knowing about it?
  9. I hope nobody is bothered by this I'm reading and reading everything over and over I'm at the point where I have specific questions. If the dispute verifies that the OC and ca are in a business arrangement. I have to pay a lump sum with INSERT (A) . Neither of those sites gave me a blue book value for what I had done, not to mention I don't have the cash to pay them. So what happens after that. I'm going to initiate the process and just post step by step what's going on, I just don't want to look stupid to the CA when I start this and not be taken seriously. Sorry guys. 3 accounts all open all I've been paying on 1.opened 8/14/2013- $3149 2.opened 8/4/2014 -$ 611 3.opened 8/4/2014 - $349 4. Opened 2/14/2014 - $398
  10. They reflect the fact i went months without paying them
  11. I've done everything so far per everyone's advice. Finished psychdoc seminars. Triaged reports. Opted out. Letting it take. Removing old personal info. Have a plan of attack. Wondering if some of the accounts I have been handling through creditguard will succumb to my interventions.
  12. That's what I'm saying if I can't afford to pay a 3k lump sum should I hold off on the process? Should I not Initiate the dispute method unless. I'm prepared to at the very worst pay my balances in one lump sum.

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