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  1. update: got DV from CA (even though i didn't ask for DV) - they sent me a copy of the bill from Columbia gas along w/ a letter saying they can take payment over the phone....now what? restricted endorsement check? the company is in NC (where the check will be cashed) but i live in NYC (which doesn't recognize RE on checks)
  2. Applying for home and saw old collections from Columbia gas of ohio on account for $59.00. They sent the account to Online Collections (listing as opened may 2016, even though the DFD was May 2015). Sent PFD to CA and didn't hear anything back so sent PFD/attempted to negotiate w/ OC but now my tradeline is updated to "customer disputes" - what now? OC will take payment and notify but NOT recall from CA (online collections) citing "it's past a few months overdue so it's w/ them and we "can't" recall." Despite inaccuracies like incorrect for account, they refuse to call it back. They will take payment then notify CA it's been "paid" (and I'll probably get a paid on my report). What now? CA isn't responding to me but apparently OC told me today that CA did DV w/ them on Jan 10 and the OC sent the CA a copy of the last bill on that day. Again, tradeline now states "customer disputes". Can I pay OC and then dispute with CRA? I never disputed, only asked for PFD, but apparently CA is taking my PFD as a DV/dispute..... I want this OFF my credit report as my mortgage rate is much higher w/ this than w/out.

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