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  1. Gotcha! My utilization rate is 6% so I just figured having access to higher CL would help lower that and boost me over 800.
  2. Any pre-approval sites your highly recommend?
  3. I guess I was just a bit over anxious about someone going through my pre-approval mailers.
  4. Good call, I'll look into that one. I opted out because someone recently attempted to steal my identity. Was that a bad call? Should I opt back in? and thanks!!
  5. Ohhhh ok! Cash back would be nice
  6. Ok, so ideally I'd love to build up credit to buy real estate in the next two years. I'm looking at the Chase Freedom.
  7. Hello, I'm a recent college grad and looking to boost my credit. Currently have an account with Discover IT, CL @ 6600 (they increased my limit 5000 4mos ago) and a credit union Master Card @ 500. According to the Discover FICO8 Scorecard, I'm currently 798. What additional credit cards or steps would you recommend to boost credit limit?

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