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  1. Hi, Does anyone have a recommended contact for a citimortgage exec? I would like to try a goodwill letter for 2 non reported (due to bankruptcy) lates. Thanks so much!
  2. We have a conventional loan currently and will probably be getting an fha loan this time around. Downpayment is partially coming from sale of this home.
  3. My dad got sick with cancer and passed quickly. It obviously devastated us all and since it didnt report, I was a little lax with life during his short but hard faught battle. Not an excuse but that is what it is.
  4. We are looking to buy a new house within the year. We can finally sell ours since we now have equity and we need more space. We filed bk7 in 4/14 and it was discharged 5/14. We do not have a late pmt on our CR since BK. Ordered the 3b credit reports for hubby and I and see that our lowest middle mortgage score is mine and it is currently 653. We had very high utilization but just paid it down a ton so I expect in the near future that score should go up due to much lower utilization. Looking to have 0 cc debt within the next month or so (I will let $2 report after that). We did not reaffirm our mortgage but have paid to stay. Prior to bk we had 0 late payments. I did have a few lates recently on the mortgage that did not report, of course, but will be in my previous 12 month history. Will all lenders order a verification of mortgage to see this payment history? If so, do they only go back 12 months? We could wait a few months if that is the case, but I was hoping to jump the gun sooner than later.
  5. I assumed paying off all debt would be a good thing, how would it hurt? Are there tips to having an auto approval rather than manual? Will we forever be denied or if we are clear for 12 months or late payments we then have a shot?
  6. Correct, due to the bankruptcy, they are not reporting and have had no impact on our scores, which is why I was a little lax about it this past year.
  7. Have chapter 7 discharged in 2014, did not reaffirm but paid to stay. Perfect payment since bk except for mortgage. Never 60+ days late but definitely have a few 30+ in past 12 months. Not an excuse but my dad got very sick very quickly and passed earlier in the year and I was a bit of a mess. Since the payments didn’t report I let some go late. Ironically we never had a late payment prior to bk for mortgage. Awful, I know, especially since we are now in a financial place to purchase a bigger home. So a few questions and our scenario. Not sure of true scores and don’t want to pull them yet until paid off balances report. We have about 18k/month gross income. We will be paying off most debt this month (cars, credit cards, personal loan). We will only have about $300/month left towards cc payments and should pay that off in about 6 more months. We will have about 100k for downpayment. Do we stand a chance at a new mortgage? 1. Do all lendors request a VOM? 2. I asked my mortgage company (citi) for a VOM and they faxed it. It did not have payment history on it. Will what they send to a broker/bank be different? 3. Would they approve with 30 day lates on vom in past 12 months? If not what about if we wait 12 months and show no lates for 12 months? 4. can I request a rapid rescore after paying off debt? If so, how? 5. Can I attempt a gw letter to adjust payment dates to not show as late? Thank you so much!

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