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  1. My cards all have the right date, which is 2013. The one that surprised me recently was my new Wells Fargo debit card. They claim I have been a customer since 2008, which I do not recall.
  2. I got a new paper shredder today. I invested in a heavy duty Fellowes Powershred one this time, so hopefully it can handle what I'm throwing at it. My last one only made it 7 months.... I also got a check from my lawyer in the mail today. Shitty bank settled my DH's FCRA case against them. Still waiting on a second check from Experian.
  3. I would tend to agree. My Apple Card is my least complicated credit card, as far as the user experience goes. You have to be pretty brain dead to not understand what’s going on, not to mention the fact that the only fee the card has is interest. I too recently acquired the GM Mastercard for the $100 annual fuel credit. It’s pretty similar. My only gripe has been that the signup bonus has not posted yet, even though I hit the minimum spend requirement before the first statement cut. I also had a technical glitch linking the card to GM rewards. But otherwise, the card has been fine.
  4. I know what you mean OP. My Equifax FICO is always lower than my other two. TU is the highest because the report is clean and well seasoned. What surprises me is that Equifax is the lowest because there is only 1 negative account on that report. Meanwhile, my Experian report is usually 20-30 points higher with 5 negative accounts showing. How TF is Equifax lower? The open reporting accounts are the same on the two, but I think I have a few less older paid account showing on EQ. And I am talking about FICO8s, just because those are the most widely used ones, IMO.
  5. I think the OP is off to a good start because AmEx BCP and Apple Card will actually grow and they have decent rewards. My Apple Card started at $1,250 and not it's sitting at $13k. I think it is fine for the OP to stick with 2 cards to grow their credit for 6 months to a year, and then apply for something else. In the meantime, I think a BofA secured card would be good. They can graduate with a CLI in as little as 6 months and you can start with a large deposit. But they may also be able to get unsecured cards in that timeframe if they just wait. Cap1's MO seems to be to give people starting out or rebuilding a bucketed card. As long as the credit file improves or stays the same, then Cap1 will approve them for a second prime card with a decent limit. My grandmother is a good example. She filed for BK in 2020. About 9 months after discharge, we got her a Cap1 Walmart card for $2k. It has since grown to $3,250 and doesn't want to increase anymore. Meanwhile, she has gotten a Savor One (the prime version) with a $10k SL and the Venture with a $10k SL. The Savor has gotten one increase of $1k. The Venture has gotten one increase of $3k. Clearly, they are treating her differently after she had the Crap1 Walmart card for a while, but that specific card is bucketed.
  6. The last time one of my cards was compromised, it was at a drive-thru fast food joint. The lady kept it for nearly two minutes. She was pretty slick too because I didn't notice her doing anything, but it was highly unusual for her to keep it so long. Then about 4-5 days later, someone attempted to charge about $700 at a motel in Dallas. Cap1 actually caught it before any charges went through. But I don't eat at that particular restaurant anymore.
  7. I had to put down a deposit of 200 Euros to make a reservation recently. That was a new experience for me, but it was for a restaurant with 3 Michelin Stars. I see why they do it too. The meal was like 17 courses. Imagine someone cancelling their reservation at the last minute. The food and labor cost would be insane.
  8. I got my US Bank Cash Plus card as well as a couple of debit cards for my new business.
  9. I think everyone is forgetting what subprime really means. It means you don't have an Amazon Prime membership!
  10. Linking your bank will become a mainstream lending practice soon. I recently had to do this in order to be approved for my AmEx business Gold card. My Experian score isn't great, so I didn't mind doing it. It helped me get approved. But the uses of this technology are going to be heavily utilized in auto and mortgage lending, so they can verify your income electronically instead of paying people to look at your documents. I saw a video of a guy recently who underwrites exotic car loans. He says they use this process exclusively to curtail fraud on loan applications. From a privacy perspective, I am not a fan, but I see why the banks are heading in this direction.
  11. I would also pull your LexisNexis Accurint report, which is entirely separate. To the best of my knowledge, the Accurint report is where they generate the ID questions. You should dispute any inaccurate info on your regular LexisNexis report (including Sagestream, which is a subsection of main LN reports now) as well as the Accurint report. Main LN reports show addresses, phone numbers, emails, business records, insurance info, and education records. Accurint is different because it contains data about your employers, relatives, neighbors, and whatever data analytics gossip they can come up with on you. Based on the questions I have gotten, I think they use Accurint to generate them. Because the main LN reports don't have a lot of information about which they ask on the questions, at least for me. Here is a link to the request form. You can only get it through the mail. http://www.lexisnexis.com/privacy/for-consumers/CD307_Accurint_Person_Report_Info_Form.pdf
  12. I would skip Avant for sure. I read some horror stories on the forum that shall not be named about fraudulent transactions on the card and Avant made it practically impossible to get the fraudulent charges reversed, and this was coming from multiple users. I definitely recommend the Apple Card. I like the rewards on it, especially for Apple purchases (3% cash back and 0% financing through the card). GS has been great to me as well. My card started at $1,250 and has increased to $13k.
  13. I want to know who you had to murder or blackmail at Wells Fargo to get that limit, LOL. I don't think I have ever seen a Wells Fargo card with one that big, at least not one the personal side. As for me: Upgrade Card - $15k Apple Card - $13k FNBO x2 - $11,600 Comenity Floor & Decor - $14k (highest business limit)
  14. Yeah, I was excited about these accounts in the beginning, but I really haven't used it much at all. They ned to add Zelle, faster ACH transfers, bill pay, and few other things before I could really use them. I would say this is a good place to park an emergency fund and get some interest.
  15. I got a Regions and Wells Fargo debit card in the mail yesterday. I setup two bank bonuses, so I opened 2 new checking accounts. Regions is paying $300 for any deposit of $500, Wells is paying $200 for $1k in direct deposits. I’m patiently waiting for my Sam’s business card and my Walgreens credit card. Synchrony is taking their sweet time on those…. I think was approved for Sam’s back in June.
  16. TBH, getting and keeping good credit does take hard work. I have a friend who only has one credit card with Wells Fargo. He pays in full and has good credit. BUT, he is lazy. I've been trying to get him to do at least some mild bonus chasing, especially with some of these bonuses being valued at $1,200 or more. It's worth the effort to apply and manage the account for at least a year or two, IMO. But he's too lazy to do it, so that's his loss.... Not to mention the risk of having your only card closed for some BS reason and watching your scores tank.
  17. Here are what my checks look like for this account. Ironically, I ordered these and have never used any of them. I've mainly been playing the bank bonus game lately, so I haven't used the AmEx checking. much at all.
  18. Thanks for sharing your BMO Harris experience. They had been on my list for a while because they were offering a $300 bank bonus and a good credit card signup bonus. They require the bank account if you aren't in their footprint just to apply for the CC. Now I won't waste my time on them.....
  19. So the website for my Ulta credit card has been working fine since they sent the email acknowledging the issue and saying it was back up and running. I have been trying to use the CLI button, but I am not sure if it is working. It asks for my income and I hit submit, but then nothing happens. It acts like I updated my income, versus submitting a CLI request. Is this part of the glitches or is what they do when you are getting a denial? I haven't gotten any digital or physical notifications that my CLI request was denied.
  20. Here are some recent approvals for my business stuff: American Express Gold Charge for Business - Instant Approval, send prayers for me to reach this signup bonus of $10k spend in 3 months for 70k MR points.... Fuelman Mastercard $1,500 - Instant approval, mainly for building my business credit and managing vehicle maintenance/gas Sam's Business Card $8k - Instant approval after I applied in store. This is a no-PG card, but I did not qualify for the Mastercard version. Maybe it will get upgraded or I will just reapply in the future.
  21. Oh I have asked LOL. When I first got the card I was using it a lot more. I got regular increases from an SL of $1,250 up to the $13k. But my overall usage of the card went down (I think I average $500 a month on it now) and I got some additional inquiries on my TU report. Since then, no dice. So this months, I decided to use it a lot more and see what happens. I do always PIF this card, so no worries about the debt situation.
  22. That’s a nice increase! I’ve been stuck at $13k with them for probably 6-9 months. I mainly only use it for subscriptions and Apple purchases. They have been denying me for “too many hard inquiries” and “not enough spent and paid since your last increase.” I spent $7k on the card this month and I’m down under 6 inquiries in 6 months again, so I’m hoping they will finally cooperate. Lol
  23. I tried calling the Ulta phone number today. It just went silent once I hit the number for credit card account servicing. Wow.
  24. Yeah, I cannot access my Ulta credit card at all. I’m not in danger of being late, just annoyed because I want to pay it off and I can’t.
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