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  1. I like metal cards just because they are more durable. But they are hardly exclusive. Nearly all of my AmEx cards are metal as well as my Apple Card. I was laughing at Venmo for trying to sell people a metal debit card for $50 earlier this year. What a scam, IMO. I've said it before, but I find the difficulty of obtaining certain cards to be much more interesting. A rare or difficult to obtain card will catch my eye long before the fanciest looking one. For example, if I ever see a Simmons Bank Visa Signature in the wild, I am definitely gonna have some questions. A Chase Sapphire Reserve means someone probably had pretty good credit and financial stability, because it leans on the difficult side to obtain. But they're are even more rare cards, like the First Tech FCU Odyssey, Harrod's AmEx, Dubai First, Coutt's.... I know a few people who might have such cards, but I don't ever end up going to dinner with them to see what they are throwing down. Those kind of people usually host events at their home where a chef cooks or I see them at a much larger event like a conference. I even know this one billionaire who is notoriously cheap. He drives a 2006 Nissan Xterra and dresses pretty plain. I don't see someone like him spending thousands of dollars a year on a fancy credit card. He may not even have the type of banking relationships needed to obtain such a card.
  2. Ughhh I am so ready for my time in credit jail to be up. I have 1 account on Equifax and 5 on Experian that are coming up soon. The dates range from 11/2023 to 04/2024. The main one I want to get deleted is a charge off from Elan Financial Services for $23k. Once that sucker is gone, my scores are going to skyrocket! have we reached a consensus on the timing with Equifax and Experian? I think I’ll probably start trying at about 6 months before the removal date, which would start in May of 2023.
  3. Personally, I have just applied multiple times for stuff until this new tool came out. Because I’m rebuilding, I was denied by them for different cards quite a few times. Even now, I cannot get certain cards I want from them (Bonvoy Brilliant and Hilton Aspire). But they occasionally are in a good mood and approve me. The persistence has definitely paid off for me. I think I have 7 cards overall with them as of today. I think this new tool is really just AmEx using this system that has existed for a while to their advantage. And as I understand, they are also expanding it to new customers who don’t have any AmEx cards, which is a great idea that the rest of the credit card industry should embrace IMO.
  4. Here is what the page looks like for me right now. I’m closer than I thought to getting the credit! December is already here and I activated this in July, so I’m glad I’m gonna make the spend requirement in time.
  5. So I do have a GM vehicle, but it’s older and paid off. I did register it with the site, but I haven’t ever seen anything having to do with the $100 credit and registering your car. I setup my GM Rewards account after I got approved for the card. I did run into some technical difficulties trying to connect them. But someone I talked to finally got them connected. You have to create the GM Rewards account in order to redeem any of the points. But if you go into the Goldman Sachs website and click on “view rewards and benefits” and it shows you the GM Rewards website with your info, then you are probably already setup in their system. Once I activated the fuel credit, it has steadily been tracking my gas spending on a little chart. I’m down to $200 needed to get the credit now. The one thing I still do not understand is if this credit resets each calendar year (January through December) or if it resets after it has been a year since you activated the credit. I would assume it’s each calendar year. But the website doesn’t provide any clarification.
  6. You get the 4 points per dollar as well as the $100 credit. So the value is probably even higher than 6.7% back, but to me, the points aren’t very valuable. You get 1 cent per point at GM. I don’t spend a lot there, TBH.
  7. So I am currently working on getting the $100 gas credit for this year. You have to register for it on the benefits page and activate it. It is supposedly $100 EVERY YEAR you keep the card. I drive a lot, so this ends up making sense. They didn’t ask me about any of my vehicles, but I think they do for the electric bill credit/for EV owners. But I’m almost at the $1,500 in gas for this year. I’ll report back with my experience once I hit the credit and see it posted. If you do get the credit, it’s about 6.7% cash back on that amount of gas. Not too shabby. I got this card for the signup bonus, which I did get. I’m going to use it on some new remotes for my older Caddy.
  8. Same here. I exclusively use it once a month for that credit and I pick up my food as well. Because UberEats basically doubles the cost of your meal if you get it delivered.
  9. My Uber situation is hilarious now. I get $25 a month in Uber cash from AmEx for the Gold and Platinum. Now I also have the SavorOne, which gives me Uber One for free and 10% cash back. I’m gonna use the free AmEx credits, then pay the difference with Cap1 for 10% cash back. My monthly Uber order usually comes out to about $20, now it will be even less haha.
  10. I think blacklisting is always an interesting discussion. As for me, the only two I am looking forward to reuniting with are Chase and Citi. I am already back in with Bank of America. But I didn’t burn a lot of people when I was having money issues, just a few banks for larger sums. Neither bank would touch me right now regardless because I have too many new accounts and inquiries. But in about a year or two once my credit is clean and my accounts have aged, I am definitely applying for Chase. I really want the Sapphire Reserve, but I’m going to apply for the Freedom Flex and work my way up. I settled my Chase accounts and I primarily Bank with them, so I think I have a decent shot once my credit is in shape. As for Citi, I’m hoping to get one of the AA cards to diversity my airline situation a bit.
  11. Not sure if y’all saw this, but BlockFi has halted credit card purchases on their Crypto/Bitcoin credit card as well.
  12. Well of course I did! It just took me to my humble Marriott benefits page through, sadly.
  13. I wish I had $5k a year and a $10k for an imitation fee to blow on a credit card. Not to mention the $250-$400k you have to spend to qualify….
  14. I went to activate my Marriott Bonvoy brilliant card today only to see this screen at the end. I didn’t realize I was activating a secret Centurion card!
  15. I really like my AmEx business cards. They are easy to deal with and the rewards are pretty compelling. I have the Amazon Prime, Hilton Business, Blue Business Plus, and Delta Platinum Business. The Amazon one and BBP are the two I would recommend to pretty much anyone. They also have Blue Business Cash, which is a 2% cash back option.
  16. Well my AmEx spree continues and their behavior remains interesting. I tried to apply for the Bonvoy Brilliant for the gazillionth time and was denied. Then I put in an app for my DH instead. Well, I guess he's in the good graces of AmEx now because he was instantly approved for $4,400! They also recently approved him for the Delta Gold for business for $20k. Mind you, he has an Experian FICO of 640, but apparently we did something to make them overlook that fact.
  17. Try Discover. They are a good place to start for a first card. I have seen people approved for an unsecured card with a $1k limit with a blank credit profile. Or get a secured card. Cap1 is also a good choice for someone just starting out. Pay one of these cards on time and in full for 6 months, get a credit limit increase, then try for AmEx using their pre-qualifier tool. You can also use similar tools at Cap1 and Discover, saving unnecessary inquiries...
  18. I keep seeing Facebook ads for the Synchrony Premier Mastercard. Just for fun, I took a peek at the comments section under their ad the other day. It was filled with countless stories of people getting CLDs and their account closed with all kinds of different people. Many of them stated they had good credit and paying on time, etc.... I think the general public also hates Synchrony, TBH.
  19. Meanwhile, I’m just over here transferring my Apple Daily Cash to my regular bank account all the time. Why let Apple hang onto it? I guess now there’s a reason if they are paying interest. But you can send as little or as much to your bank for free, so why not?
  20. I’m pretty sure you have to deliver pizzas and use cash out of envelopes for 6 months to qualify. And any debt automatically disqualifies you… 😂😂😂
  21. Dave Ramsey has started his very own fintech debit card app…. 😂 Gazelle
  22. DH was approved for the AmEx Business Delta Gold. Apparently, we made a typo on the address for the business. After correcting the address issue, he was instantly approved for $20k, which was a shock considering his other personal cards are stuck at $1k each. We do use his Gold charge card frequently and have spent $23k on it so far this year, so I guess they like him!
  23. I was approved for the Delta Platinum card for business. $3k SL. Waiting to hear back on the Delta Gold for business my DH applied for. We are chasing some Skypesos for another trip haha.
  24. Simon is willing to do anything to get people back into the mall LOL. The only thing I go there for anymore is Sephora, the Apple Store, and for shoes. Stuff I prefer to buy in person. But I really don’t go to the mall much. And I am curious how they will determine whether a merchant is in the Simon network if AmEx is processing the transaction and many of the merchants are large corporations with locations outside of Simon properties.
  25. I think that credit card companies are shifting the business model away from earning on interest charges and swipe fees to essentially a premium travel membership. For now, we are still using credit cards. But as we have seen in the developments over at Chase, credit cards may not be a permanent fixture in the way we transact. Therefore, they want to come up with every possible way to get us to keep paying the annual fees for these cards, whether we use them or not for purchases. The AmEx Platinum is a perfect example for me. I have that card, but I keep it for the credits, Lounge access, AmEx offers, and benefits. The only spending categories I really put on it are airfare and travel through the AmEx portal. I put most of my spend on the Gold card and other cards I have due to better earn rates. Ironically, my most expensive card I have probably sees the least spend. After the Gold card, I use the Blue Business Plus for 2x MR points on everything in conjunction with my 2% cash back Visa, then I use very specific cards for places like Amazon, Target, Hilton, and for gas. But the Gold and those catch-all cards see most of my spending. On the topic of maximizing rewards value, it’s not that difficult to get the same value as cash back or better when redeeming for flights or hotels. Really, you just have to plan your bookings in advance and check the points price calendar for the best deals. The small amount of work I put into this means most of my travel is free, so that’s worth it to me in the long run. Now, I will say I’m not at the level of transferring points to an airline I have never used to get a good deal yet. I’m still a little skeptical and prefer to use a carrier I’ve used before. But eventually I’ll build that skill and be less nervous.
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