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  1. Well the hard pulls will affect your scores immediately. I would not be worried about it though. You just got approved for some fantastic cards, and it sounds like you might have a pretty clean profile, based on those approvals. Now, all you need to do is use those cards and pay the bills each month, and watch your score go up over time. Discover gives a free TransUnion FICO score each month. American Express gives a free Experian FICO score each month. Capital One has a free credit monitoring program called CreditWise that will give you your Vantage scores, which aren't
  2. What you need to do is start an LLC so you can get business cards. Sidewinder's Underwater Basket Weaving, perhaps? 🙂 The AmEx Blue Business Cash is nice for 2% cash back, no annual fee, and a $250 SUB.
  3. I'm not sure about this. TBOM also issues the Ollo cards. They have the 2.5% flat cash back Optimum card. The only problem with that card is that it is invite only. My DH just got their Rewards+ for nurses, which is a 2% flat cash back card with no FTFs and no AF. They started him with a $2k CL, which is great for someone rebuilding. Anyway, I think TBOM and some of these other shadow banks are going to become more prominent in the next few years as we see more fintechs issuing credit cards. It seems like the fintechs prefer to design the card and then let one of these shadow banks
  4. Also, I am continuing to help my grandmother with her rebuild. She previously filed for chapter 7, which was discharged in 06/2020. Yesterday, I helped her join PenFed. They approved her for an auto loan refinance at 3.2% (not the lowest rate, but better than her current rate of 6.8%) and a Platinum Rewards Visa Signature with a $5k credit line. The score they cited from Equifax was 748. I am so proud of the progress we have made in her situation. She now has a decent amount of savings, 3 good credit cards, all of her bills are paid on time each month, and her expenses are low.
  5. Another Apple Card CLI! They keep coming like clockwork every 91 days. I went from $9,000 to $13,000. Besides my Upgrade Card ($15,000), this is now my highest limit.
  6. Still more interest than Bank of America is paying!
  7. I concur on this issue. So many people, including myself, who are rebuilding, are automatically denied by a lot of issuers simply because of the presence of even one default, no matter how old it is or if it’s paid. I feel like there’s a huge gap between prime cards like Chase and AmEx, versus Credit One and secured cards. I think financial institutions like Ollo Card are smart to seek out customers who may have past credit mistakes, but who are managing credit well now, after some recovery time. Mission Lane and Merrick Bank also serve this kind of customer. There are many middle class folks
  8. Can’t relate. My Target card has been stuck at $700 since 2018. Is the change the percentages or the redemption options? That doesn’t seem too bad for gas. I’m finding gas is a good way to keep SD cards active.
  9. P.S. I am not sure if anyone mentioned it already, but these smaller banks and fintechs are able to charge 1.6% in interchange fees for debit card transactions. That’s why they are pushing these debit cards so hard right now. There’s some rule that institutions with assets over a certain amount get almost no fees from debit card swipes.
  10. Well… I was adding my DH’s new AmEx Delta Gold to Apple Pay. A button popped up asking if he wanted to apply for the Apple Card. He was already an AU on mine, so I didn’t think he could apply. Anyway, we tried it and he was approved for $500! I am shocked. He has 6 charge-offs on TU from 2017, 2 of which are still unpaid. They approved him anyway! I remember when I was applying, they kept denying me for inquiries. So this is interesting to say the least. Afterward, it took away his AU card and put his new card into the Apple Wallet app instead. I am unsure if this will mean he is permanently r
  11. Great minds, PotO! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this one called LiLi lately. They gave me $50 for depositing $50. Then they gave me $25 for depositing $25. And that was before I learned about their referral program. Apparently; you refer someone and all they have to do is spend $250 on their instant issue virtual debit card. They get $100 and you get $100. After a couple of PayPal instant transfers and paying a bill, my husband and I netted $200, on top of the $75 I already got from them. They deposited the bonus after 2 days. And you can refer up to 10 people! I think all of my relatives mig
  12. Why do I feel like we are living in a bubble? Meaning, we are paying attention to this stuff that Wells Fargo does, whereas most people don’t care or pay any attention until something happens to them. That’s one reason why I never jumped on the HSBC bandwagon, after reading several horror stories about their fraud department locking up bank accounts for months at a time. Their $700 signup bonus was tempting, but not tempting enough to put myself at their mercy.
  13. I am super happy with my Apple Card. I thought it was stupid at first, but a couple of things have really changed my mind. For one, you can request a new card number at any time at the press of a button without having to get a new physical card. This is revolutionary and will save so much time and energy and waste of extra cards being mailed out. Why isn’t every card issuer copying this, like, immediately? Also, they have been VERY generous with CLIs. I’ve gotten about 40% every time I’ve asked via soft pull every 90 days. The card started with an SL of $1,250, now I’m at $9k after a year and
  14. Yeah, I have an Upgrade Card. It starts to accrue interest immediately after a purchase or cash withdrawal. The only upside to it is that it reports as a revolving line of credit with a $0 credit limit. It doesn’t seem to affect revolving utilization. It reports more like an AmEx charge card. I see it being useful for financing a large project or consolidating debt, but the marketing for this is really stupid because they are confusing people with the rewards. Their interest rate will eat up the rewards really quickly. They gave me a $15k credit line, but the APR is 23.95%. Also, it automatica
  15. You think about commas the same way Celine Dion sings about her lover in the Titanic song. "Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you........"
  16. Right? It's not really news. As someone who has gotten into trouble with money a couple of times now, I have ZERO respect for these people out here who are not paying attention to their finances. I have had to work so hard to rebuild my credit and manage my money in a way that makes a difference. I am OCD about double checking things have been paid. I know how hard it is to get a collection or charge off deleted, so I am extremely careful so that I don't ever have to go through this crap again.
  17. Got a few approvals for my husband this week! He doesn’t really care about this kind of stuff, so I end up doing it for him. Anyway, he is still rebuilding. He has 6 charge-off reporting from 2017, with 3 settled and 3 unpaid. His scores recently went up after I paid down a lot of my balances because he’s an AU on a few of my cards. His score is 623 on EX, but DCU has his EQ score at 673. Different score versions and different info reporting. Anyway, he was offered an Ollo Rewards + MC for nurses through his Experian account online. I hadn’t seen this card anywhere and
  18. I saw that offer! We don’t have BPs here in Austin. Mostly Shell, Valero, Chevron, and Exxon. Maybe a 7/11.
  19. Personally, I know them for wanting to do a hard pull for pretty much everything and using Vantage scores, which do not like my credit seeking habits. LOL I want a CLI or a new Visa Signature from them soon, so I'm gonna have to practice AZEO and dispute all my other inquiries away on TU! Also, they raised the cash back redemption on my card to a $50 minimum, which is pretty annoying, but easy to hit when I use this card for Costco.
  20. They took too long to bring it to market and didn't really promise any improvements over what exists already. Most people already have a bank account and know how to use Google Pay or Apple Pay if they want. Why move all you banking to the Google ecosystem? This reminds me a lot of the 50 billion fintech companies offering a banking app. They keep popping up everyday centered around one concept or another. Banking for the LGBTQ, banking for gig workers, banking for freelancers, banking for underwater basket weavers..... Shall I go on? In contrast, the Apple Card is a product that i
  21. Congrats! It seems like this happened only a few months shy of the 7 year window, if my math is correct.
  22. I have been using the Exxon/Mobile app with my Apple Card recently for 3% back on gas. I must say, this is the nicest payment situation in terms of ease of use and security that I have found. You pull up to the gas station, pull out your phone, open the app, pick your pump, then hit pay. It will check your face/Touch ID, then it miraculously just turns the gas pump on. I really like this because it means I don't have to swipe my card at the pump. I am so tired of having my cards get compromised from getting gas.... I also find this convenient when I am riding my motorcycle because I don't have
  23. Watch, this woman will get a goodwill deletion from Citi/Home Depot because she has followers......
  24. I say just sue them. Experian is the biggest bunch of a-holes I can think of. It's not too expensive to file an FCRA lawsuit. My lawyer charges me about $1,000 each time I want to file one. Settlement usually occurs after a few months of arguing between the attorneys, without going to court, because no one wants to go. You seem to have exhausted your other means of getting their attention, so why not give it a try? Even if you do go to court, I am sure a jury will find your case sympathetic. The challenging part will be finding the right statute/subsection under which to sue them.
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