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  1. Good luck with Step 4. We've been in our house over two years. We keeping getting Chase bills for someone who used to live there. We've returned I don't know how many back saying "does not live at this address any longer" and we keep getting them. My husband finally called them to get it through their heads. They claimed they couldn't look up the account with the person's name or the address. They made him open the bill and give the account number.
  2. It's actually for my kitties and pup. Their fur feels so nice, and they shed a lot less.
  3. A notice that my fish oil will be delivered today. Thank heavens...my hair was feeling not so silky lately.
  4. love Love LOVE potato pancakes. My husband isn't as big a fan, so we don't have them that often. 😥
  5. If he was driving in a place where he wasn't found for days, that's not just a quick trip to get gas IMO. Unless he lived 50 miles from the nearest gas station. If that's the case, it's his own fault for not having a cell phone. Laugh at me all you want. My life doesn't come to a halt if I lose service or battery dies, but you can bet I have it with me in case of emergencies.
  6. Not only that, but 5 days without food generally isn't going to kill anyone anyway. (I could go 5 months on my stored reserves probably). The bigger concern would be dehydration and/or hypothermia. And who doesn't have a cell phone these days? And why did it take them 3 days to report him missing? I'm sure I have other questions.
  7. Oh. We didn't have a TV. Never saw it.
  8. What are you talking about? cv91915 flies all the time. Seriously, they do fly. Unless you were joking. I don't know you well enough. Well, even if you were joking, my statement still stands.
  9. I don't think I've ever been paid weekly. I worked for state government for years, which was bi-weekly. Now I'm twice a month.

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