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  1. This helps greatly! I was looking all over for a heart to click on. So it's just the credit line increase menu. How do you know if they will pull a report to allow a increase? Is it better to call them on the phone, then you can decide if they say they need to, you can just say no thanks I don't want the inquiry? I would like to raise my limits but don't want to add inquires as I have only 1 in the last 12 mo but I think 5 in the year before. thanks.
  2. How do I find the love button?...... now that every one is done laughing..... I don't see it on my discover Web page from mobile. Not the app, it won't work on my phone. Current limit is 6300. Had card for 18 months.
  3. Worked. Loan origination fee 2800 OUCH. Now EX737 TU644 EQ585 EX and TU show the bestegg loan, EQ doesn't. Hopefully have treasury delt with by summer. Thanks for all the help, this forum is a bank of knowledge
  4. Bump please, my bestegg solicitation is dated Jan 9
  5. The collection isn't IRS. So IRS taking my bank account isn't a threat. Treasury OFS can only garnish 15% paycheck after taxes. That won't happen, I will pay what's left of the penalty after my insurance pays, after I'm through with the adjudication process, I'm challenging the penalty amount and I should get a reduction. My only expenses are the cards and personal spending. The car payment shouldn't be a problem. I can certainly see the concern of over extention. The card balances really aren't a giant problem, I'm looking for the benefit of raising my score by moving the balances into a loan. Thanks for responding!
  6. Thanks! I posted my questions in a new post. Hopefully I can get some needed guidance.
  7. Utilization Consolidation Optimization only using EX HELP! Scores EQ538 TU587 EX638 Amex blue 10K / 4K bal Amex Every 10K / 7500 bal BOA Alaska Air 4500/ 3900 bal DISC 6300/ 4200 bal BECU 2K/ 1500 bal Cap 1 800/ 0 bal CITI 1K/0 bal Credit one 950/ 0 bal First Premier 1K / 0 bal First Premier 400/ 0 bal Student loan 9500/ 9270 bal I was at 690-710 on my scores then loaded my cards, killing my scores from over utilization. Along the way I was dealing with a federal agency penalty which before it got through with the appeal/contesting/adjudication the person I was dealing with retired, and the division of the agency closed now sending all penalties directly to Treasury. Soooo Treasury’s Bureau Of Fiscal Service is the taxpayers collection agency and they are tough. Sent me a notice of intent to garnish me (they can only take 15% after tax) and hit EQ and TU with a 40K collection! One of the listings said the account start date was 01/01/0001 that’s 1000 years before the crusades. So my credit repair person immediately verify challenges them. They have now come back twice updated with more info and amounts claimed, My insurance will cover part of it and I have a attorney doing the adjudication challenge with Treasury but the process is slow, maybe a year. So even though the debt is not being avoided by me, and hasn’t been confirmed, they are jamming me up on the bureaus. Im trying a third time verification with EQ TU maybe the govt shutdown will help them miss the 60 day window. But I’m dead on those bureaus. I tried my CU but they pulled TU and that’s how I found out about the Treasury listing. HELP: I know my EX score is low from loading up my cards, won’t a consolidation loan get my score back up? EX has 5 inquires 3/18 11/17 11/17 11/17 10/17 I’ve gotten the typical mailing from BestEgg and was about to click the button but waited, wanting more info. Here on Pulls it looks like they only pull EX? I need to figure out how, if it’s possible for me to do this. In the mean time I need to get a car, a person I’ve been working with says the finance person has banks that only pull EX. I have a good job, 70K at it 8 months, went to school last year to get the job. years of credit history, only 3 lates from over two years ago. Qs: 1. Where how to get consolidation loan to put out card fires. 2. Apply for consolidation or car loan first? 3. If I can get more then I need on consolidation should I take it and use extra to pay down balance then it will show less then 100% on my report and now count as bad? 4. Is there any hope I can pull this off? 5. The BestEgg prequalified offer is good only till Jan 9 so time is ASAP crucial, I haven't clicked through on it yet so they haven't run me, and they are emailing me to continue. Thank you for any and all help!!!!!
  8. Can I post my similar concerns questions here or do I need to make a new post? my topic would be high utilization killing my score, loan to pay off cards but need company to only pull EX. also need a car loan, have finance at dealer able to pull only EX. timing risks etc. Thanks!

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