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  1. Hi ToBFair! I know this post was from ages ago and you might not see it, but it's still worth the try since nothing else seems to be working My situation is VERY similar to yours and this post seems to be the only thing I can in regard to this that has reached some sort of resolution. I was stationed in Wiesbaden with the US Army and had a 2 year T-Mobile contract. At the end of the first year, I received orders to return to the US and completed an Early Cancellation Form along with my ETS orders (Marschbefehl) and submitted payment on 03 Feb 2016 at the Post Exchange in Wiesbaden with a T-Mobile Sales Representative named Joel Ugiomoh. I am now being harassed by a collections company "Dynamic Legal Recovery" stating that I owe $1,313 to Telekom Deutschland GmBH (T-Mobile) for unpaid bills. According to Section 46 of the German Telecommunications Act, I have the right of termination when moving abroad regardless of the contract term. I followed all early cancellation procedures and provided payment. I do not owe $1,313. I have provided T-Mobile with a copy of the signed cancellation contract that I completed with their representative in February 2016 and asked them to please correct this and inform Dynamic Legal Recovery that I owe no such payment and provide me with confirmation. They only replied with "please contact the cash collector directly, thank you." Which I already have have done and they told me to contact T-Mobile. I have not found anyone willing to help me and this is greatly affecting my credit score and the ability to buy a home. This is beyond ridiculous especially considering I have PROOF that I cancelled my contract properly. I have filed contacted both the collection company and T-Mobile Telekom, I've filed a complaint with econsumer.gov, and posted a review on trustpilot. Who ELSE can I contact to get this resolved? Thank you, A very desperate veteran

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