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  1. I have AT&T and I already have an app I had to download that monitors my calls and AT&T flags them as telemarketers or spam when the call comes in. It be nice if they just blocked it entirely and I never saw the call... but so far, this service is free.
  2. I don't see how... it will be at least 3 months or so before I actually pull the trigger but I have a 30k visa balance, an auto loan and my mortgage with them. I do plan on keeping my auto with them and the mortgage but I don't have anything I can move the 30k to. It saddens me a lot as well cause I have a nice 50k limit card with them.
  3. Well I just wanted some opinions of the banks that people use and which ones they really like. I am giving the example that I love NFCU's website and interface... so something with similar features. I want something that will be easy to set up external transfer accounts, easy mobile banking/check deposit, something with easy online bill pay, something that allows me to easily add and see "joint" accounts or minor accounts and be able to transfer money between them. Something that allows me to customize the names of my accounts/order them.
  4. Hi, I'm 99% sure I'm going to be filing for BK soon. I will in the process burn the best CU ever *cries* NFCU... I currently use them for all my banking needs. Super upset to burn my bridges with them but wondering who would be your "next" in line best bank/CU for general banking? I love Navy's interface and their transfer process(es) ... I do have other CUs but I will also be burning DCU. The other CU's (which I don't have any outstanding loans/cards on) which I've never used for actual banking are Penfed, Nasa FCU, JFCU and Partners FCU. I'm not super thrilled about any of the interfaces on these but do you guys have any other recommendations for me to switch my everyday checking/savings accounts to?

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