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  1. Thanks for the helpful replies. I didn’t purchase a full report yet (I’m not yet ripe for my free annuals). I did, however, wait for the monthly FICO score updates on several other cards. None show the CreditWise/Transunion -55 point change and, in fact, almost all show marked improvement into the 730/740 range. I have a Chase card that features an Experian-affiliated “Credit Journey” VantageScore 3.0 score. That looks like a bit of an outlier, because it’s a markedly lower number than the FICO numbers without any obvious cause. Unfortunately, there is only one da
  2. After years of steadily increasing credit scores across all three bureaus, I was hit with a surprise this past week when I went to review my weekly Credit Wise report (which, I believe, is supplied by Transunion). Notwithstanding 10+ years of on-time payments, a credit utilization of below 23%, and some rather aggressive payments toward my accounts in recent months, my trend toward the low/mid 700s was abruptly derailed with a 55 point drop. The only adverse indicators aren’t new, and include 4 inquiries (over 8 months+ old), and a 12 year average account age. Not a singl
  3. I have a concern about this too. Is there any hard evidence of an adverse effect despite assurances to the contrary by the creditor? I haven't done this on a credit card, but my car lease offered a deferred payment option. I intend to continue to make my lease payments during the deferral period from savings, but I wanted the option of a few months of breathing room in case things deteriorated.
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