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  1. Thanks for the helpful replies. I didn’t purchase a full report yet (I’m not yet ripe for my free annuals). I did, however, wait for the monthly FICO score updates on several other cards. None show the CreditWise/Transunion -55 point change and, in fact, almost all show marked improvement into the 730/740 range. I have a Chase card that features an Experian-affiliated “Credit Journey” VantageScore 3.0 score. That looks like a bit of an outlier, because it’s a markedly lower number than the FICO numbers without any obvious cause. Unfortunately, there is only one data point on the history graph — the current Credit Journey score. So I can’t tell if the number reflects any meaningful change, or if it is just a lower number by whatever math VantageScore 3.0 is using. Regardless, I’m more at ease that the FICO scores are behaving more predictably. Again, thanks for all of the helpful replies. Stay healthy and stay safe.
  2. After years of steadily increasing credit scores across all three bureaus, I was hit with a surprise this past week when I went to review my weekly Credit Wise report (which, I believe, is supplied by Transunion). Notwithstanding 10+ years of on-time payments, a credit utilization of below 23%, and some rather aggressive payments toward my accounts in recent months, my trend toward the low/mid 700s was abruptly derailed with a 55 point drop. The only adverse indicators aren’t new, and include 4 inquiries (over 8 months+ old), and a 12 year average account age. Not a single missed or late payment. Any idea what gives? I’ll add that I have federalized student loan debt that is in administrative forbearance under the CARES Act. On my credit report for Transunion, there is no “current” report for the relevant months for those loans (they are blank—no 30/60, or otherwise overtly derogatory notation. Moreover, I was of the impression that this forbearance would not have adverse consequences on credit. Am I missing anything? I have used my annual free credit reports for all bureaus a few months ago. Is it worth buying one ad hoc from Experian or Equifax? I’m...flummoxed. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have a concern about this too. Is there any hard evidence of an adverse effect despite assurances to the contrary by the creditor? I haven't done this on a credit card, but my car lease offered a deferred payment option. I intend to continue to make my lease payments during the deferral period from savings, but I wanted the option of a few months of breathing room in case things deteriorated.

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