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  1. thanks so much for the info, I knew this is the right place, it is a medical debt indeed. I will draft the letters and send it out , shouldn't it be registered ?? date was 01/29/2020 . On a side side note the CFPB is a weak support if it comes to send data to them, all what happens is they will upload the report it on their website so consumers can read it, the FTC would be a way better enforcement but they only act if they receive massive reporting of disputes about the same CC. However this is a good start and I will send the letters out today !! thanks so
  2. Hello, new to the forum (glad I found it) , I have a collection agency called Simon's agency which is trying to collect on an already paid debt , I have reported this to the CFPB but I need your advice on how to proceed further. Any help highly appreciated .
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