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  1. Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been back on here is a while. So far I have over 16 TLs reporting to D&B. Not sure how many are reporting to Experian and Equifax. Also, repaired my credit and PG'd some credit cards from major banks like AMEX and Chase. Was able to get a couple of Sam's Club Mastercards NO PG with $11k credit limit as well. Later on, I will have to post what I did to get to this point. I spent money to learn most of this information, but I can give back where I can.
  2. Im glad to see this thread still thriving and going along! I have major updates for my business credit journey that I will post later on today.
  3. Thank you! I appreciate it, and I just got approved for a Conoco Phillips Gas card as well for $2500! They PG'd me, but I am sending in a letter to request that the PG becomes removed because I did not ask for it on my application. To answer your question, you just have to place one order with each for them to report. Wait about 5 days and then pay it that way it don't show up as a cash account on your reports.
  4. You're right. I believe the Revolving account may report to Equifax. I have the Account Receivable.
  5. Sorry everyone. I don't get notifications, but I will update everyone on my journey. The last few weeks I was just approved for Valero Gas Card $1,000 and Sam's Club Business Store Card $10,000 no PG. I will lay out my steps and try to answer some of the responses I have received so far. Here are all the vendors that I have that I know reports: Grainger (Reporting) Uline (Reporting) Quill (Reporting) Summa Office Supplies (Reporting) Strategic Network Solutions (Reporting) Supply Works (Reporting) Lowes (I think it's reporting) Amazon Net 55 (Should be reporting) Valero (New need to make a payment) Platt (Not reporting yet) Sam's Club (Brand new. Waiting on card) Monopolize Your Marketplace (Only reports to CreditSafe) I currently have 6 reporting to D&B, 5 to Experian, and 2 to Equifax. So, you will have to make sure your company is credible before getting started or you will have problems later on down the road when trying to apply for company and gas cards. Here is what you need to have: Make sure your business address is a physical address and not a home address. You can have a virtual address, but it has to be a physical location. Not a PO Box. Have a business phone number that is registered in the 411 directory. Get your EIN number. Have either a LLC, Corp, etc established. Have online credibility. You can list your business on Google using Google My Business. This helped me verify if my business address will work when applying for vendors. Having a website will help tremendously and make sure your email has a business domain. Finally, get your DUNS number Having those in place will help increase your chances of getting approved and not have to go back and update your files with the business secretary of state and every other vendor account that you have..(ask me how I know). Hope this helps some.
  6. Business was incorporated on October of 2018. Now I have 6 reporting to Experian & D&B by the way.
  7. Alright new update. I was approved for the Lowe's Account Receivable card last month with no PG for $2500. They report to Experian, Equifax, and D&B.
  8. Supply Works is Tier 1. They don't require any trade lines to be reporting to get approved. Amazon and Grainger are tier 2 and they require at least 5 different companies to be reporting to either DnB and Experian in order to get approved. You will want to apply for the Amazon Net 30 account for a no PG. Nowadays companies are using SSN's for identity purposes, but as long as they use it just for that, they won't do a PG. Grainger also wants you to be in business for at least 3 months before getting approved for a Net 30.
  9. Haven't posted back here in a while, but this is who I have reporting now: Reporting: Uline Quill Strategic Network Solutions Summa Office Supplies Monopolize Your Marketplace I've been approved for these, but they are not reporting yet: Amazon Net 30 Grainger Supply Works I currently have a 80 Paydex and 69 Experian Score
  10. I have 2 tradelines now reporting: Quill and Uline I purchased from Strategic Network Solutions, Summa Office Supplies, and Postal a few weeks ago. Will see when they report. Just got approved for Grainger Net30. Should be in Tier 2 hopefully soon!
  11. Good info! I have a $50 tradeline reporting. Not sure if it's Uline or Quill. Going to try US Supplies and Summa Office Supplies.
  12. No problem! Still searching for my first tradeline.
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