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  1. Business was incorporated on October of 2018. Now I have 6 reporting to Experian & D&B by the way.
  2. Alright new update. I was approved for the Lowe's Account Receivable card last month with no PG for $2500. They report to Experian, Equifax, and D&B.
  3. Supply Works is Tier 1. They don't require any trade lines to be reporting to get approved. Amazon and Grainger are tier 2 and they require at least 5 different companies to be reporting to either DnB and Experian in order to get approved. You will want to apply for the Amazon Net 30 account for a no PG. Nowadays companies are using SSN's for identity purposes, but as long as they use it just for that, they won't do a PG. Grainger also wants you to be in business for at least 3 months before getting approved for a Net 30.
  4. Haven't posted back here in a while, but this is who I have reporting now: Reporting: Uline Quill Strategic Network Solutions Summa Office Supplies Monopolize Your Marketplace I've been approved for these, but they are not reporting yet: Amazon Net 30 Grainger Supply Works I currently have a 80 Paydex and 69 Experian Score
  5. I have 2 tradelines now reporting: Quill and Uline I purchased from Strategic Network Solutions, Summa Office Supplies, and Postal a few weeks ago. Will see when they report. Just got approved for Grainger Net30. Should be in Tier 2 hopefully soon!
  6. Good info! I have a $50 tradeline reporting. Not sure if it's Uline or Quill. Going to try US Supplies and Summa Office Supplies.
  7. No problem! Still searching for my first tradeline.
  8. Just thought I would post this in order to save someone else some time. After waiting for about 2-3 months for my trade lines to post to no avail, I decided to make some phone calls to vendors who I thought may report to DNB. Here are my results: Quill - Still reports. Have to make a purchase of at least $50 and wait 19 days to pay it. (I hate this personally) Uline - Still reports. Not sure what their terms are. Grainger - Have not been able to get an account with them because they are saying you must be incorporated for at least 3 months until they approve an account with you. EzPromos - Do not report Amsterdam Printing - Do not report SupplyWorks - Do not report MSC Industrial - Do not report These are based on the individuals I spoke with in each respective business's credit department. If anyone has their purchases reporting with the vendors that I stated do not report, feel free to comment and start a discussion. Also, if anyone know of any other Net30 vendors that reports to DNB, lets start a thread.

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