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  1. I can definitely do this. That was the plan all along with the cash infusion I recently got but the choppage stopped me in my tracks. Hi Pot O....forgive me but can you clarify what 5/24 means? I did a search on the term but came up with nothing. Thanks!
  2. Thank you! Researching some other threads on here, it seems the advice with Chase is to make small payments towards the remaining balance for awhile at least. Otherwise, they could start the balance "chase" (no pun intended). If I want to get utilization under 50% then I have to get the choppage under control correct?
  3. Right now its the Chase card with 82% due to the choppage. next its Penfed with 68%.
  4. Thank you cv91915. My utilization is at 30% now but its only been that way for about a month. Would you suggest I continue to pay it down, wait a couple months?
  5. I'll try to keep the back story short. Basically I started a new business venture a couple years ago that didn't pan out like I planned and I increased my DTI and utilization significantly during this time in order to just keep up. About six months ago, I purchased another business (got out of the failing biz) and sold some assets to pay down debt and invest in this hopefully 🤞more successful venture. One of those cards was my Chase Sapphire preferred. Fast forward a month after a large payment towards the balance (not a full balance payoff but about 60%) they chopped my limit subs
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