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  1. Thank you for the input. Currently I have a td bank and chase (chase has been opened for 4+ years) and my wife has a chase. Will these be affected? I know its based on a score so im wondering if these help? furthermore the bank never contacted us in regards to closure, do they have to? I heard that if an account is negative its possible to negotiate to have it removed for debt paid. However since we paid is there a way to still speak with like a bank manager for removal?
  2. So any banks using the chexsystem. Even though the amount which was like not even a lot, was paid in full. Will deny a loan for school or something like that? And my accounts which have been active for 4+ years with no negative balance or anything will be at risk? Furthermore I cant open any new banks? The bank in question, we paid it in full which they will report. However, they told us to write a letter to chexsystems to possible have it taken off, but I feel like we’re just getting our chain yanked around and getting screwed for a minor mistake.
  3. Hey, Recently I had a joint account with my fiance. I noticed that there was a bank closure due to a negative balance. We went and paid it off however the chexsystems report was made. It is not our only accounts as we have had individual accounts for quite some time (4+ years) and it was an insignificant amount. I read that if a bank account is closed with a negative balance even though its paid off it stays for 5 years, however, are we barred from ever taking a loan/opening a bank account/etc.? for now? Really concerned about this, please help. Also, will our individual checking accounts/savings be affected?

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