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  1. Nice, I’ll let her know all of this and plan out our moves and let you know if it works. Thank you again for your help
  2. Chime didn’t give a straight answer. They said, “We use a third party system that verifies account, we don't have the reason as to why it was unable to be verified, I totally understand your frustration. We are not able to alter or reset the results at this time.” That was the first email. I then asked which third party system do you use and they responded as followed, “Paul here from Chime Member Services! I totally understand your frustration. Unfortunately, enrollment eligibility is determined by our security feature and we are not able to alter or reset the results at this time.” She lives in Waterbury, Connecticut and we haven’t tried fcbank just yet. And thank you for your responses. Truly appreciated
  3. Thank you, will try and let you know how it goes.
  4. Hello, firstly please if I’m creating this topic incorrectly guide me to the right way to do so as im not that familiar with writing in forums as I am reading them. So im trying to help my girlfriend open a bank account because last year we did the dumbest thing imaginable. We basically tried to scam her old bank TD bank with checks and it worked for a little bit until the checks bounced and they closer her account. At the time of this she was 17 years old and on a joint account with her foster mother. Now the only reason we did this stupid xxxx is because we were basically poor and needed money and didn’t quite understand the repercussions of our actions. I believe the account closed with $2000 owed. We don’t know what became of the balance as she’s not with that foster mother anymore. Now fast foward a year later to now, she’s been without an account since then and we’ve done some research on banks that don’t use Chexsystem. We’ve tried Chime bank, bbva, wells fargo, United bank, green dot actually sent her a debit card but then told her to destroy the card. We’ve tried capital one also. All those are banks that we’ve found online that offer second chance accounts and don’t use Chexsystem. All of them denied her. Is it because we tried back to back? Is there really any way for to even get an account anymore? Any help or advice would truly be appreciated and once again forgive me if im in the wrong place posting this and direct me to the right place. Thank you all.

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