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  1. Brief rundown: For years it was smooth sailing. Had an emeergency fund of 2 months and thought we were good. Through several hospitalizations (medical issues) and a few bad breaks we've run into issues. Spouse had to take a decent pay cut, and I had to leave my highly compensated job in the city for a step backwards to be closer to home to help with children and take burden off SO. I work in Sales and most of my compensation is commission. It's a long sales cycle and will take 2+ years to return to previous #'s, but didn't have a choice. SO cannot work more (medical) and I am working on as much as I can to try and build up compensation. I can't take a second job, because I need to help witj kids. We've both got serious credit dings from utilization. No late payments though. Homeowners and some home equity, but not enough to make a major difference. Currently have $70K in cc debt at 14-28%. We can make payments, but barely scraping by. We could pay it off, but with the interest stacking, making it impossible. Called and asked for reduction is APR or pause and were denied. Some said that reason was high utl rate. Tried getting consolidation loans or a 0% offer, but can't with credit with high utilixation. Any ideas/options? Feel we tried all and totally stuck with no way out.

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